A letter to Patty Smith


Dear Patty Smith,

Your book is an inspiration to everyone who is working with a vision in their mind. To everyone who is going through rough times hoping it will get better. To everyone who is struggling with their place in life, knowing that they can achieve better. To everyone actively working to make their and others lives better.

Because you never see the behind the scenes. All you see is their highlight reel. Looking into someone who’s had its past, all you see is their accomplishments. It is rare that you see the hardships and failures. And when you do see the hardships they are always sugar coated and rolled in glitter. But you show us what actually is happening. How you lived on the streets and even when you did get a home and a job it took everything that you had just to stay alive. It took everything just to keep a small amount of food on the table. You gave us an inside look at the hardships that existed in your relationship with Robert. Wee got to see all the little details that are over looked and left out. All the small interactions that make up a relationship. In particular the time you found him tripping acid and looking into the mirror with the mask and how you had to talk him down from the trip.

With this book we would never know any of this existed. We would not have the knowledge that it is not easy. Because when looking at someone else’s life it looks so easy compared to ours. That is maybe the most disheartening thing that there is, and this disheartening kills more dreams than anything else in the world.

We get to see that you didn’t know exactly what you wanted to do. We get to see all of your trial and error with writing, art, and music. We get to see that it is completely natural and we should not be afraid of it. In fact we should embrace it because it will make us stronger, as it did with you. It what makes people interesting and lively. It makes a person who they are. It makes them multidimensional  and not flat and boring. Boring people don’t get anything interesting done.

So, thank you very much. Many people will be inspired by this opening up of your life and art and culture will become better because of it.

Music MD


Dear Musical MD,

I have always prided myself on being able to find new, up and coming music and artist, but as pf late I appear to have hit a rut. I like an array of genres; in particular electronic, folk, bluegrass, indie rock, alt rock , and hip hop. Lately, I’ve felt like the tools that I use such as 8Tracks, hype Machine, and LastFM have let me down. I don’t like Pandora or Spotify. So my question is: Can you find me new websites to help with my endeavors or suggest some good music festivals to check out this summer? And who are some artists at theses festivals to keep an eye on specifically?

Thanks, Ti.


Dear Ti,

Here is where I get to plug myself. Every week I put out a new music list that highlights all the great new music that has come out that week. So that has your new music fix for every genre. Stop by the media center in the student union to get your name on the list or send an email to KDUR_st1@fortlewis.edu.

The best festival this summer is Sasquatch. It’s good enought that I spend $400 on a ticket and a camping pass. And that is $400 that I don’t have. But it is going to be so much fun and so worth it. Of course there are the notables such as Lana Del Rey, Modest Mouse, and Kendrick Lamar. But there are so many less know awesome bands that also get a chance to be part of the festival. There are literally so many that I am just going to list of the most notable.


The War on Drugs

Run The Jewels (I am beyond excited for this)

Real Estate

Action Bronson

Sylvan Esso

Hanni El Khatib

King Tuff



Mother Mother


Diarrhea Planet

Porter Ray

And this is not even half the bands to watch out for. If you end up going shoot me an email and we can chill out and listen to some music together!

All the best.

The MD


Dashell gave me the prompt of what song in your life has helped you through a tough time. And that i a very hard question to answer. I’m not really sure that I could narrow it down to one song. I’ve never had that one song that I would go back to when things got tough. It is really just music in general that I go to. There is a song for every emotion that you are feeling. There are a million different songs that can help you through a tough time. When ever I would hit a rough patch I would use the music itself to distract me. I would spend my time searching out new music and finding new awesome bands to listen to. And that is what I love about music. There is so much of it that as long as you know where to look and what you are looking for you will find something that can lift your spirits.

If I had to narrow it down to one band I would honestly say My Chemical Romance. Why do they keep coming up in my blogs? I mean I guess I was listening to them during all the important hard parts of growing up. So honestly they helped me go through a lot. I just wish that it was a cooler band. Someone that sounded a little better ya’ know.

Not A Breakfast Club Post


I really want to write about something a little different. I mean I could totally write about the end of The Breakfast Club but that is no fun. Everyone knows about and loves that scene.

So my most under appreciated  memorable movie moment is something small. It comes from the 2010 movie Hesher with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Natalie Portman. If you haven’t seen this movie stop right now and go watch it. Like no joke, it is so good. There is a scene where JGL and a kid are riding in JGL’s shitty black van. He is pumping some Slayer and the kid reaches over and turns the volume down. JGL just looks over, shakes his head and turns it back up. They then proceed to go set someones car on fire and do the cool guy walk away from the explosions.

I’m not really sure why this scene stuck with me. I mean, I really like how the soundtrack is literally playing through the car speakers. I love when movies do this. I don’t even really like Slayer. I don’t mind them but I don’t remember the last time I voluntarily listened to a Slayer song. I think what really mad this scene was the mood that the song help set. It felt so real and it made you feel bad ass. It just fits the whole feel of the movie perfectly.

Afterwords the whole setting the car on fire scene had no soundtrack at all, just natural sounds. This highlights the music from the last scene and makes the fire scene a little more creepy.

There are multiple other great uses of music in this movie. Creepy doll house music and such. There is a lot of Slayer used but it fits perfectly so you don’t notice or mind. Now go rent this movie and be prepared for one of the craziest rolls that JGL has ever played.

First 420


Everyone was getting antsy. To many beers and to much waiting in the basement of the house. As usual ****** was at work late and we could leave yet. It didn’t matter that the music had been going all day, it was getting dark, and all but one of us wanted to leave. We still had to wait.

The air in the basement seemed to almost grow thick and everyone was going stir crazy. This couldn’t go on for much longer or we might tear each other apart.

After what seems like forever a car pulled up in the driveway. Go time. We all pile in to two cars and take off like the worlds smallest parade, very drunkenly, loudly, and obnoxiously. No one has ever been to 420-fest so we just started driving in the direction that we thought it was. Both cars blasting music that almost covered up the endless conversation. We called people, took back roads, and ended up getting lost more than once. But finally we pulled into the gates.

It was almost eerie in the parking lot. Rows and rows of cars sitting in the middle of a field in the dark. It looked like something out of a zombie movie. Every few cars or so were a couple people who were partied out sitting by a dying fire. We find two spots next to each other that weren’t occupied by sagebrush and everyone piles out. As people tend to do in unfamiliar situations, we wound up standing in a group right behind the cars.

“Where do we go now?” someone said.

“Let’s follow the music,” I said.

We could hear the faintest sounds getting pumped from the darkness. So we began our dark trek to the party. Of course no one had brought a flashlight so all the phones were out, providing the smallest amount of light. More than one person tripped over sagebrush that appeared out of nowhere, but that might have been the alcohol more than the lack of light.

A dark shape formed in the horizon. I couldn’t tell you what shape it was but it was something. It almost looked like the shape of a castle. The vague sound of music kept getting louder and louder as we walked. The shape turned into a grove of trees with generators and lights all over.

It seemed like something that you would only see in a movie. Food venders, fire spinners, hippies sleeping in the trees in hammocks; this was a place that the rest of the world hadn’t touched. The stage looked like it had been in the wilderness for years. Everyone was there for the music. The crowd was not the biggest, because of the time many were partied out. There was probably around 200 people still awake and moving. The band playing was on their way to Red Rocks to open for some bigger band so they knew what they were doing. There was dancing, singing, swaying, and just people moving in the way that felt right.

At this point the basic wants had become necessities. Our liquor was running dangerously low so my vice switched to cigarettes. I didn’t get 10 seconds into the first stick without someone offering a trade of alcohol for cigarettes. Of course I graciously took them up on the offer. Because for me the night was far from over. We jammed and smoked and danced the night away. At one point the pipe that we brought wound up on stage. The man who was singing told a break mid chorus to take a hit. It was then passed around to the entire band and given back with a brand new bowl packed. Now that is a true hospitality.

The night ended in the most magical way. It may have been the drugs or maybe the alcohol but Kurt Cobain came out on stage. I know it wasn’t really Kurt but that night it didn’t matter. He was drinking a beer out of a bottle and singing his heart out. I don’t remember how long they played but I know it was a long time. It didn’t feel like a long time mind you, if anything it felt too short.

The band took a short beer and smoke break so they could recuperate. They climbed back up onto the stage and started playing. The tune sounded vaguely familiar. Then the singer broke into the most beautiful rendition of Brittany Spears’ Toxic. It was magical. I had never experienced that kind of beauty in my entire life. The passion in his voice and even the beauty of Brittany’s words. They wrapped up and left the stage. There was a shocked silence in the crowd. My group didn’t even talk about going to the car, we just kind of wandered back to where we came from. Almost sobered by the song.

Even now I look back at it and my heart aches. It is a moment that I would like to live over and over again.

Interview With A Board Operation Specialist


An Interview with a Vampire. I mean an interview with Anthony Martin. Ex KDUR DJ and now working at 4 Corners Broadcasting. So he might know a thing or two about music. Let’s dive into his brain.

Who was your first musical love? My first musical love was CAKE, yes that’s right. I was very little at the time and looking back it more seems like a dream, a nostalgic drug but my mom would tell me this stories of me shaking my butt to “Short Skirt, Long Jacket” in the car. I still to this day love CAKE and it will always bring me back to my childhood and repeating every line to “The Distance”.

Biggie or 2Pac? Biggie, I know 2pac had more albums and probably more in the public eye but for the short time we had Biggie, it was great. I will always go back once and awhile and listen to Notorious.

What is your opinion of the Beatles? The Beatles are truly the first rock and roll band and it honestly pisses my off that people hate The Beatles, yet love Arcade Fire, I believe without The Beatles their would be no Arcade Fire, Nirvana, Pink Floyd etc. Regardless if you hate The Beatles, rock music owes them everything. Only The Beatles can seemingly change their sound from each pervious album and grow in popularity, I could go on for days about this. Theirs The Beatles and everyone else.

When do you usually listen to music? The morning, afternoon, night and every time all day long

What song is your guilty pleasure? Hmm this is a hard one, because I wouldn’t be caught died with any of my guilty pleasure songs on my iPod but one that comes to mind is “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae, its basically for girls but I still love it.

What artist is your guilty pleasure? I’ll do you one better, my guilty pleasure artist, is an entire genre. I LOVE Christmas music. Most people nowadays hate in all its forms and I love it during the entire month of December.

What is your favorite instrument? Most of the bands I love are traditional rock instruments but I would have to say my favorite instrument is a piano and more specifically, the electric piano like Ray Charles. I get chills when I hear it.

Favorite lyrics in any song? It’s a tie between Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life” “I’ve been up and down and over and, out and I know one thing, Each time I find myself flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the race” and The Strokes “Someday” “I say the right things but act the wrong way, I like it right here but I cannot stay, I watch the TV; forget what I’m told, Well, I am too young, and they are too old.”

Dream concert? The Strokes, I have never seen them live and I would do anything to do so. The last time they came to Denver I was 12 and didn’t really know whom they are.

What music type is underrated? Acid Jazz, the modern twist on classic jazz should definitely become popular.

What is the last physical album you bought? I bought the self-titled first album by G. Love and Special Sauce

The last digital album? I bought Julian Casablanca’s and The Voidz album Tryanny and last digital single I bought was Only One by Kanye West

What could you listen to for 24 hours straight? The Stokes, Is This It?

What popular band do you hate, and why? I hate Ed Sheeran (A Whiny Ginger Bitch that hasn’t said anything John Mayer hasn’t already said a hundred times) , Goo Goo Dolls (More whiny bitches, the lead singer looks like a doll, no pun intended and never thought music that plain would become poplaur), and One Direction ( 5 guys who don’t play instruments or write their music is considered good? There is nothing about music going on)

What was the best album of 2014? Alt-J, This Is All Yours

Thoughts on Kanye? The man is a god amongst men, I people hate him and is attitude “God” persona but you can’t deny his musical success and ability.

If any group could get back together who would you want it to be? I would like to see The Libertines get back together or The White Stripes

If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be? Damn, one fucking song forever? I guess That’s Life by Frank Sinatra 

If you could live in any musical era what would it be? I would like to be the age I am now but in 2001, I know this sounds weird but If I had been able to be old enough to enjoy the rise of all my favorite bands and see them live still as kids I would absolutely love that.

Favorite band or artist of all time? The Strokes, enough said.

Songs For Your V-Day


Oh Valentines day. A holiday completely made up to sell cards and candies and glitter. Don’t get me wrong; I love the thought of it. A person celebrating their love for someone else is always a good thing. It’s a great idea, but I wish we could do it without the whole commercialism.

One good thing does come from Valentines Day, and that is music.


The Magnetic Fields – Poppa Was a Rodeo

Off of the album 69 Love Songs.

“ I see that kiss-me pucker forming, But maybe you should plug it with a beer.”

The opening line of the chorus put the whole song into perspective. The whole song is about a man who’s lack of caring parents causes him to develop insecurities and is unable to maintain a relationship with anyone.

“Never stuck around long enough for a one night stand.”

It’s real life and not some sappy poppy crap. It also sounds amazing. How’s that for a song about love.


 Stevie Wonder – Part Time Lover

This song just sounds like love.

But the message is a little less love a little more cheating so kinda love.

“If she isn’t with me I’ll blink the lights
To let you know tonight’s the night
For me and you my part-time lover”


Boys II Men – I’ll Make Love To You

This might be a little bit of a guilty pleasure. Because how can you not like Boys II Men. They are just… I’m not even sure how to describe them.


De La Soul – Eye Know

You already know my love for 90s hip hop and De La Soul is no exeption. Hip Hop and a positive love song? Yes please.

“Cause it takes two, not three, to seduce
My destiny of love is brought to an apex
Sex is a mere molecule
In this world of love that I have for you
It’s true”

Wait a rap song that is saying love is more important than sex? And some Steely Dan?!


Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere

“Ohohh, I want to be with you everywhere.”

Christine McVie sings a song that sound like something with would be in movie played over a Valentines Day Montage. And it just makes you happy.

The Power Of The 90’s


90’s Hip Hop.

Why 90’s Hip Hop? I wasn’t even born for the start and in the heyday I was still a tiny child.

I like 90’s Hip Hop because it is just so damn good. Yea there is always some bad stuff but that is true in any genre at all.

Beats just take their time, there is no rush. It’s like the producers just all had an agreement that they were just going to smoke a bunch pot and chill out.

With the beats being so chill there is a emphasis on the lyrics. This is when the rapper really starts to be the main focus of the music.

The 90’s are also the peak of the group rap. Listen to ’93 ’til Infinity and try to tell me that they don’t sound like a well oiled machine. Every member fits perfect with one another. They are all little pieces that come together to form a beautiful sounding puzzle.

Not only does ’93 sound good it is also insanely positive. Not once in the song do they talk about guns, violence, murder, or drugs(not counting pot).

“Restin at the mall, attendance on ‘noid
But I am shoppin for my wish to exploit
Some cute fits, some new kicks
I often do this cause it’s the pits not bein dipped”

He is literally talking about hanging out at the mall shopping for clothes and that is just not something that a rapper would even mention in a song nowadays.

This positivism is not prevalent through all of the 90’s rap but it is very easy to find. So go home, throw on some A Tribe Called Quest and just put some good vibes into the air.

Q & A with Drew


Q: Okay Drew, You’ve had your time to prepare. 5 songs, not your top 5  but just 5 songs. Go


Song 1. What It Is by Marl Knopfler 

When I was in elementary school, I use to go camping at our property outside of Jefferson Colorado, with my cousins. Whenever we went, we always brought a yellow Sony boom box because we didn’t have IPod’s yet so we listened to different CD’s and one song I distinctly remember listening too on the mixed CD’s that we played was What It Is by Mark Knopfler. Whenever I hear the song it reminds me of all of us sitting by the fire with my family and cousins while the adults drank Coors Light and laughed.

Song 2. Faint by Linkin Park

I’d lying if I said I still don’t listen to Linkin Park every so often, but when I do I primarily am doing it to get “pumped up” or “psyched.” I’ve been playing hockey since the age of 7 and once I was introduced to Linkin Park, I always listened to Linkin Park before every game. Not only did I listen to them before every game, I also was taken to see Linkin Park live for my first concert when I was in 7th grade.

Song 3. Feeling This by Blink 182

My first huge love for music when I was in elementary school was for Blink 182. My mom bought a few of their CD’s and we would always listen to them whenever we were in the car. The funny thing about my mom was that she knew where all the swear words were in all the songs or inappropriate lines so she would turn down those parts of the songs for my brother and I. I still love listening to Blink 182 and love that my mom introduced me to them at a young age. Even better, my mom and I saw Blink 182 live together.

Song 4. Something’s Wrong by Pretty Lights

Since I was a freshman in high school, I began listening to the artist Pretty Lights. Over time he became my favorite artist and still is to the day. This song was from Pretty Lights has been one of my favorites since I began listening to him. I really like listening to this song whenever I’m stressed or overwhelmed with life and I can just sit back and relax. Unfortunately, for me, I’ve seen Pretty Lights live 10 times and I’ve yet to ever see this song played live.

Song 5. Modern Mans Hustle by Atmosphere

I never really listened to Hip-Hop too much growing up, until one of my closest friends showed me who “Slug” was. I was introduced who Atmosphere was when I in middle school and we continued to listen to Atmosphere throughout high school. We would sit in my friend’s backyard and drink beers (we do not condone underage drinking… kind of) with one another listen to good music and talk. It was so convenient because I could just walk home across the street to my bed. We both loved Modern Mans Hustle the most.

And there you have it. Some of the music that is most important in the life a Drew Lovell. Thank you for your time and letting us into your personal life for a little bit.

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