Never Back Down

If the movie Never Back Down has had some influence on trying MMA or has you interested in it, this movie doesn’t do a bad job depicting the sport. The fighting scenes are relatively realistic, contrary to nearly any fight scene in movies. The tournament at the end of the movie was exactly how the UFC use to be when it first was getting organized. It would not be uncommon for the fighters to be very injured at the end of the night, because even they won a fight, they would fight again later with the damages that were done in the prior bouts.

2 thoughts on “Never Back Down

  1. I actually have seen this movie! I liked it too. Have you seen Warrior? I loved that movie but I might be bias because I am in love with Tom Hardy. Another great movie that you might not have seen that may or may not pertain to your blog is Bronson. It’s hilarious and a little weird but the main character tries to fight everyone. You should check it out! Here is a link to the trailer.

  2. YES!!!!! Warrior is amazing! One of the greatest movies I’ve seen! But Never Back Down is also a solid one! I like how you have expanded your knowledge of MMA to start covering pop culture. I feel like this is the easiest way to relate to people and get them interested in your blog. I really enjoy reading your blog already and this post that nearly everyone can relate to takes it to the next level!

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