This Sounds Dangerous!

Training in a mixed martial arts gym within a professional environment, is a relatively safe sport, compared to a majority of popular sports. More injuries occur in sports like basketball, baseball, hockey and football than MMA. Through all the various sports I was previously involved in, I enquired more injuries in them compared to the zero amount of injuries I’ve had in MMA. It seemed like every football practice or game I had in high school there would be an injury timeout or somebody would get hurt, compared to the rare occasions somebody would legitimately get hurt or injured at the gym I use to train at. With the proper equipment and coaching, injuries happen in small very numbers so there is no need to be frightened, don’t be afraid to give it a try.

2 thoughts on “This Sounds Dangerous!

  1. Have you ever knocked somebody clean out? And what are the steps that you have to take to get to the big show? Do you just start local and try to get recognized, or how does it work?

  2. It really doesn’t take much to knock somebody out if connecting to certain points, similarly, you can get hit significantly hard and still be conscious, fully functional. And yes, I just barely clipped my adversary’s chin during a heavier sparing session and it was lights out for him, but I’ve also been knocked out, due to nerve reactions though not a blunt blow to my head. There was this one instance though where I ducked under a punch and my opponent’s glove felt like it barely skimmed the top of my head, yet when I tried stepping to the side my balance went obscured and I had wobbly legs. Almost as if my equilibrium was hit, but it didn’t hurt one bit. Getting choked out as the instruction dummy for the class was fun too. But making it big is very difficult in this sport because you do need to be recognized, establish outstanding credibility and just simply knowing or getting involved with the right people.

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