Rhetorical Triangle In the Cage

Rhetoric is everywhere. Whenever there is any kind of interaction between two people, through verbal or unspoken means, a rhetorical situation is created. There is always a speaker, although not a single word needs to be spilled in order to “speak”.  There is always a message that is being projected, yet not always legible or able to hear. An existing audience to receive the massage is also required, along with other aspects like credibility establishment, response, justifying counter arguments, and knowing who your audience is.

When stepping into the cage, every rhetorical aspect applies with absolute certainty. The speaker would be you, stepping into the cage, with heightened senses you have the intent of delivering not just any message, but a powerful message. The desired message being conveyed is that you can utilize the skillsets you’ve acquired more effectively than he can use his, resulting in prevailing over your opponent, establishing further credibility.  And who might your audience be? The adversary standing before you, with his own predisposed responses for your intended message. You will want to be able to anticipate your opponent’s objections to your message, for example, if you fake a takedown, you can anticipate a takedown defense maneuver from the opponent which potentially leaves them open for strikes.

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