Knowing Your Audience

This scenario goes to prove that like any other rhetorical situation, knowing your audience is key and one of the most important concepts to grasp in becoming a successful rhetor. Knowing your audience gives you more knowledge as to how you should shape your message, how to bend it, articulate it, and mold it to produce your desired response. Studying fighters prior to the bout or match gives insight on how you may react to something, allowing for quicker adaptations to be made, another important skill and concept of rhetoric. Knowing your audience is essential, being able to draw upon their history, analyze them critically, and configure up the right approach is what will give you the edge.

One thought on “Knowing Your Audience

  1. I think its pretty cool how you linked the two together, I thought it was very creative and very true. I dont know much about MMA, but im sure these professionals study their opponents before every fight, and whoever knows there opponent better is probably going to win.

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