Cody was one of my closest friend and teammates at Fusboxe MMA, and when I had the privilege of watching him come out victorious through the battle he unanimously one, my voice was destroyed the next day from the constant cheering and yelling throughout the fight.  A sense of euphoria even lingered in my system for hours afterwards, lasting through the night. I trained hard with Cody, for Cody. I didn’t just watch his growth in the sport, I grew alongside with him. I’ve experienced the satisfaction of victory with him, and more importantly I’ve tasted defeat. We’ve pushed each other to our limits, pushed each other through one more round, one more minute, one more takedown or one more sprawl. I’ve dedicated time working with all the members of my Fusboxe team, but Cody and I had expanded upon the gym. We had established a closer bond through other shared interests, like snowboarding and rock climbing. So seeing him getting his hand raised dug deep into all of my team’s emotions, but especially mine.

Mixed Martial Arts is a sport in which family style bonds and friendships are formed.

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