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The first mixed martial arts fight I watched was in the sixth grade, and I was astonished by how the bout ended. One of the opponents took the other to the canvas and submitted him with some type of shoulder lock I had never seen before. My name is Nate Absher and this sole maneuver is what hooked me into the sport. I had little interest in the striking and stand up game but I rapidly became more intrigued by all the submissions and ground game, which frequently demonstrated that a smaller opponent could control and submit a larger one. After conducting some research, I figured out that jiu-jitsu is the name of the martial art that focuses on the ground, and contrary to wrestling which is structured around pinning the opponent, jiu-jitsu’s primary goal is to submit your competitor via tapping out due to potential joint or ligament damage, or a choke.

As my search for a jiu-jitsu school carried on for a couple months, I came across a gym by the name of Fusboxe Mixed Martial Arts, and this full on MMA gym was cheaper than any of the prior jiu-jitsu only schools I checked out. Even though I still had little interest in the martial arts of striking, this gym taught jiu-jitsu and I immediately loved the environment of the gym and all the people there. After attending only the submission grappling/ jiu-jitsu classes, I slowly became more interested in the boxing and kick boxing classes that went on too. So after about a solid year of strictly grappling, I began to take part in everything my gym had to offer, forming myself into a complete mixed martial artist. Up until I arrived at Fort Lewis, I’ve spend the last 4 years, all of my high school years training out of Fusboxe, competing over 10 times in various grappling tournaments and having the best experience with a sport I’d ever had.


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