Documenting My Learning

I have engaged in this blogging assignment briefly Monday morning, looking at what I needed to accomplish, then spent a couple of hours Tuesday night creating my blog roll and customizing my blog. I called Isaak Munsch Tuesday night asking if he knew how to change the header and picture at the top, but he didn’t know, but I eventually figured it out. I learned that there was a tab at the top that had an option labeled “customize”, so I called Munsch back and informed him how to do it.

My use of and experimenting with technology really embraced this project because I slowly began to figure the blog pages out and how they are set up, leading me to a fuller understanding of my blog. When writing my ‘Rhetoric of Blogging’ page, I made many revisions to the four paragraphs I typed, not being sure what exactly my exigence was going to be at first. After referring back to The Essential Guide to Rhetoric, it refreshed my memory as to what exigence was and how to address it.

I’m learning how to become a better student by checking out my colleagues blogs and critically reading and analyzing them, trying to identify things like who their audience is, the exigence and constraints. Reading other people’s blogs is also helping me inquire about other subjects. I have applies my skills of finding pictures online to create an appealing cover page, and applied my practical but creative skills thinking into giving my audience an idea of what the purpose of my blog is. My fundamental knowledge allowed me to remember how to use the information Bill gave us to correctly create a blogroll, and I integrated some of the people in my blogroll in order to make my blogroll look even more professional.

Through creating my blog, I realized how much I missed my old gym and head couch back in Thornton, because I doubt the MMA gym here is going to be as laid back. I’ve also developed new feeling and interests through looking at other people’s blogs, like whenever I looked at Agitha’s blog, I developed stronger feelings towards her blog and for the Native Americans here at Fort Lewis. After looking at Aaron’s blog, that strengthened my interest for motorcycles and crotch rockets.Through my continuing engagement with blogging I will be pulled into all six of these areas of learning listed in Dee Fink’s taxonomy, because I will began to view things from a different angel and perspective, and begin to learn a few things from reading more of my classmate’s blogs. As I begin to blog more, my application of writing and thinking skills will integrate with the ideas of my colleagues, and I will begin to care more about the interests of other bloggers and learn more about myself as well.

The three learning goals I have for my blog are to fully understand all aspects of my blog setup, to be more effective at reaching out to my audience, and to better be able to reflect on myself after analyzing other blog posts and comments.

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