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Mixed martial arts is a great activity to get involved in, there are so many benefits that come along with the experience and  it’s something that virtually anybody can do. This blog is designed and intended to reach out and attend to anybody who is interested in the sport of mixed martial arts and in hopes to persuade them to want to get involved and give it a try. MMA segregated nobody, and is compatible with nearly any age, so allow yourself to be educated in this field and give it a shot!

Stress and lack of exercise are two forms of exigence, and being in MMA can cure both of these. Working out naturally releases stress hormones and you are left feeling refined and in a better mood then how you were before. Another exigence could be self defense, because whether or not you live in an area with a high crime or a lot of violence, being able to defend yourself is a skillset that can not be taken for granted or wasted. Although you may never need to use these skills, simply knowing you have them can put your mind at ease and allows a sense of security wherever you may be. Being in MMA is one of the best, if not the best self defense systems you can learn.

If you don’t know what MMA is, or simply have no interest in the sport, then these would be some constraints and limit who my audience may be. Another constraint may be whether or not an individual cares about learning a knew sport in general. But the biggest constraint would be the medium in which this message is being conveyed, the blog itself. If you have no internet or a way to viewing this blog, or any way of being informed it is here, then there a good possibility you won’t be reading or being persuaded by my blog either.

I would like my audience to consider giving mixed martial arts a try. A common misconception about the sport of MMA is that all fighters are angry and aggressive and in order to participate in the sport, one must be this way and requires a “fighter’s” mindset. This isn’t true at all, because the majority of fighters are actually very calm, respectful and courteous human beings. Being in MMA has actually lowered my aggression levels and has allowed me to put people in a new perspective.

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