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Reflection of Authoring Your Life

Authoring Your Life: Developing an Internal Voice to Navigate Life’s Challenges by Marcia Baxter Magolda has surprised me. I’m surprised I am not able to easily relate the stories in the book to my own life. I am honestly having some difficulty finding the similarities in my life to the patients exhibited in the book. It’s quite possible that I am not looking in the right places.


Thinking. Every human has the basic intelligence to think. But it’s what makes our species so unique. It’s the human brain’s method of processing information from the outside world and connecting it to past experiences. These experiences can also be the start of thinking. In our discussion, Kelsey stated that critical thinking is initially internal and then can become external. I believe humans are very selfish in their behaviors. Ultimately this comes down to what the person wants or desires and how they can get it. Every person is different, therefore their wants and method of critical thinking are going to be different than any other person on the planet. Critical thinking is a process, not a mindset. Thinking evolves with new information. Ideas are either contemplated internally or externally transferred to the world.