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After much consideration and looking more into Margola’s “Authoring Your Life” as well as her interview on the radio show Bill posted. One particular saying popped out to me the most. It was her statement that of partnership being a huge factor of her interviewees beginning to actually “author their own lives.” This idea of partnership I noticed is a great theme in all the stories of the book and it gave me a research proposal of understanding why the people in the stories became more “in control” when they met their spouse or became involved in other deep relationships with friends. For this research topic I would definitely use stories from the book itself but find other research projects of how important partnerships are to humans. Why is this partnership so powerful to the people in this particular book and if Margola wanted to hint that without partnership you will not be able to lead your own path? I might be touching base on a good topic but on the other hand I might be going off on a tangent. Any suggestions would help a lot.

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  1. Partnership is a great topic! As you mentioned, it’s brought up several times throughout the book so you would have good material to work with. You could look into how having a partner is helpful in finding more out about yourself. It almost makes me think of the idea of the microphone that we talked about in class. If you have someone to walk through things with and talk things out with, there’s so much to get out of that rather than just you, yourself, figuring it all out. You could look at the “before” and “after” effect of when a partner became a part of their lives and how that effected their outlook on their life.

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