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Based upon the book “Authoring Your Life” I have had many ideas floating in my head about what particular topics I want to address and further expand. My first idea would be the impact of the pictures provided before the chapter is introduced and how this makes the author more credible. My second idea would address why the author is choose the certain individuals she did. I would like to take these two topics into a new direction maybe with them combined but I need more time to create a topic that is different and interesting.

One thought on “Browsing New Ideas

  1. Hello Nicole,

    I think that both of your topics consisted of multiple ideas that can be fully developed. As I was reading I thought about how you wanted to address why the author choose specific stories. I think that it would be a great idea to create an argument about partnership based on why the author choose certain interviewees. It is likely that the author intended to pick the interviewees on the basis of how well of a partnership they had to help them succeed. I think that they need a little work, but overall you have started to create some thought provoking ideas.

    Best Wishes,
    Dominique Wilson

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