New Findings and Reflective Thoughts

After reading the Foreword of Magolda’s Authoring Your Life I learned more about this text and about the context. In addition to Comp class on Tuesday, I have thought a great deal about my research project and what I am wanting to focus upon. First off, definitely “partnerships” is where I am heading. In her Foreword, she states, “We are learning that the way life used to work–or the way we thought it should–doesn’t work any longer” (pg. xv). Further on she explains how humans and society are  being “recomposed” from the ages 18-32. I thought this quote was very interesting and I consider it true.

I look at my life today and see that I continue to “recompose” my thoughts and perspectives. I could add that coming from a small town and my own personal family I realize that the way I was raised is not how other colleagues my age were raised and although I want to believe that the way I was raised is how everyone else was raised, it is not. This little example illustrates that society and humans are changing everyday and this re-composition Magolda writes about is true. The path to finding the “internal voice” is changing everyday because society is changing.

This idea struck me as I was reading and I just felt like thinking out loud with my blog. I hope to continue to critically read Magolda’s text and pick out certain sentences that I agree with and disagree with. Ultimately, to unravel a great amount of evidence for partnerships.

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