“Lydia’s Story-External Chaos; Internal Stability” Personal Connections

Lydia’s Story definitely had to have the most familial obstacles compared to the other stories and her main personal connections were with her husband, children, and her parents. Looking more in-depth about her personal connection with her husband Magola states, “She was in tune with her spouse because of their complete trust in each other” (pg. 178). This aspect of “trust” I saw was mentioned very much in the text-based upon relationships. I do like the way Lydia explains her perspective about her relationship with her husband and she reflects about how the military made them stronger, “All we knew were each other, and it really takes you to a next level…you have to have complete faith and trust in that person because that’s all you have” (pg. 177). I take interest in this personal connection because it’s an emotional connection that readers can connect to on any level. Personally, I could understand that Lydia is has this foundational partnership with her husband that was the core of building her internal voice. Without her ultimate faith and trust in her husband she probably would not be the same person.

In class, we talked about death and how that can affect relationships with others that are closely related to that person. In the example Bill used was three people in a relationship and one dies. He explains that there is not only one death but three deaths because when that one person passes the other people in relationship can never be the person they were when the one who passed was around them. This is such a fascinating idea to me and it stressed how important personal connections are. Now, I was thinking that when you have such a strong irreplaceable relationship to someone you are a different person. Lydia in this case, is a stronger person with her husband with her. Although one death my bring more deaths because the personal connections is no longer there…but being alive can be just as exhilarating because more people are created within one person.


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