“Sandra’s Story-Living Her Faith” Personal Connections

Compared to the other stories, Sandra had to be the most interesting personal connection because her partnership happened to be with God. On page 156, Magolda states, “…she was able to begin to trust her internal voice about how to frame her identity and her relationships. She was able to reframe her relationship with God from asking for an answer to walking together in harmony. Self-authoring her life enabled her to bring her voice to her relationship with God.” 

From this quote I gather that is particular personal connection wasn’t with an actual person but with a higher untouchable being. As a Catholic, she was very persistent about trying to connect with Him on a level that will allow her to overcome her mental challenges as well as finding a suitable profession she would enjoy. Throughout her story, she was constantly told that she was not allowing God to steer the direction of her life and that could be the reason she was not gaining any positive encounters with her professional outlets. Although, as the years passed, she was able to find an enlightening profession as a librarian that she felt she could fill the role as a Catholic and allowed her a peaceful state of mind.

Magola, I believe summarizes Sandra’s realization quite marvelously because she states on page 158-159, “These signals led her to believe that she should trust her own voice. She was able to discern the lesson she had been pursuing for so long with God: Doing what was right for her life was God’s will for her.” I do believe that Sandra’s personal connection with God is very fascinating because from her upbringing as such a religious person she worked all her life to continue to improve this relationship that is never solid but continued to mold this meaningful relationship with an untouchable being. God. God was the personal connection Sandra wanted to improve as well as build.

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