“Mark’s Story-Developing A Spiritual Philosophy of Life”

Personally, I liked Mark’s Story so far out of all the stories because of his philosophical outlooks on life. Throughout his story, I took many on the quotes he stated in his interviews because each had a rhetoric approach to this meanings. Particularly, looking at his personal connections with his wife and two children, I really enjoyed reading about his transitions from being a work partner, a husband, and father. I main thing that interested me in his stories was how he stated on pp. 81:

I really had to expand beyond the intellect when I got more into the real world. Intellect is no longer my god; I used to think I could solve anything by thinking. I don’t know if it defrauded me or not, but it didn’t lead to an understanding of who I really am. I decided to study more deeply emotions and spirituality. Have to go beyond intellect to understand those things, have to turn the intellect off.

From this quote, I gain that Mark is a thinker and he “yearns” for this intellect without emotion which to me is impossible. To have to ability to turn off your thoughts seems impossible because how can you reach true “intellect” without your thoughts. I also admire that Mark is understanding his own intellect with his emotions because some would like to gain intellect by thinking more logical than emotional. Mark definitely is becoming a new person the more he thinks with both intellect and emotion.

One great quote that struck me about all partnerships all of the character’s experienced was his statement on pp. 91, “…Part of getting through that kind of thing is endurance, trust, kind of faith, not only some faith in higher powers or spiritual matters, but faith that things do resolve for the better…If you persevere, the problems and issues to resolve themselves…It’s faith, its trust, it’s love that kind of gets you through some of these things.

In this case, Mark and his wife Michelle both respect the religion of Catholicism and see a higher spiritual being higher. So with this quote, Mark to me, really respects his partnerships with his wife and his personal God. But then again, he says that God will not be there to get everything right for you but that it is your decision to what path you choose that God lays out for you. Also Mark underlines the concept that it’s a half-to-half relationship with God and his wife and his children by understanding that if each persevere through the hardships together with the acts of faith, trust, and love you can get through just about anything in life.

Secondly, Mark states an astounding quote about his spirituality in relation to his partnership with his wife on pp. 94-95, “…There’s something that’s not necessarily tied to religion or spirituality, just a faith that life works out. Good things happen. A trust and faith in yourself that you’ll be able to surmount certain obstacles. A trust and faith in your spouse that she’ll be able to and that you as a couple in a marriage can through certain things. So, some of the faith is more supernatural, others decidedly natural in every way and earthbound in every way.”

I like how Mark uses the word “Supernatural” because it entitles that faith and trust in something untouchable is possible and there can be happiness when you as a person put some of your faith and trust that it will work out. Magolda further goes on explaining that Mark is “developing new facets of himself” (pg. 95). ¬†From this, I can make the connection I have with yesterday’s blog about how people can create new people within one person. Magola highlights that Mark is learning about his spiritual intellect which is considered a new facet of himself. I find this extraordinary. This intellect Mark is yearning for each day has grown to be a huge percentage of his internal foundation and the person he can only hope his children will learn.¬†

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