Reflection: Building Toward Being A Skeptic

As the title suggests, I am reflecting upon this past semester and reviewing my notes to see what I can interpret out of my notes to put into my essay. One part of time into this semester, Bill took the class to a presentation called, “Skeptical Religion: What it Means and Why it Matters” by J.L. Schellenberg from Mount Saint Vincent University. From this deep philosophical conversation he said that humans are immature and limited which causes me to really magnify humans in general. As evolution is in occurrence today, nothing will ever be mature or have a limit.

In this class, we discussed heavily upon the book “Authoring Your Life” and I noticed that every time a reader reads a book there is never maturity or limits. As the mind is a beautiful working machine, there really is no control over what ideas can be cultivated within one classroom setting or with one conversation with another person. So this concept struck me by being similar to Magolda’s idea about partnership allowing the individuals in a relationship to be discouraging to “simplistic solutions.” We as humans have to be complex about decisions and although, we will always be “immature,” we can still gain knowledge without limits. And if we are fortunate, we will have immature and limitless partners along our side.

As in the Skeptical presentation, he highly encourages that humans are immature and that we as humans need to continue to be thinkers and he stated, “seeking is finding.” Just the idea that humans are limited because the limited time we have on Earth can only be explored, we as humans cannot explore anything beyond our age or the age before us. To seek is to find, and I feel that Magolda is striking this conversation about partnership that individuals have to seek this internal voice that is described to be founded by connecting with others. 

The power of conversation can be supported by any scholar that conversation brings this connectivity that allows for humans to be more immature about life and to also have no limits in conversation. 

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