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After a long commitment to reading all the sources provided by Dr. William Mangrum (which are located on the far right side of my blog), my vision to what I want to dive into for a project hit me. According to majority of all the sources, Magolda did a fine job on tying both a scholarly report while executing a self-help book for her readers. Also that her intended audience would be young adults specifically in their 20’s and 30’s. Just to refresh my reader’s memory that Margolda did a study of 30 college students at Miami University and followed them when they were about 18-years-old till they were 40 years of age. This is considered a “longitudinal” study and was about 20 years of finishing.

From the information collected, I decided that the key idea I will focus upon will be “partnerships.” Ideally, Margolda considered “partnerships” to be people you meet and are supportive along the way in your life. I would pursue the topic further by seeing the impact of how college students who are pursuing both an education and trying to keep socially in contact with “lovers” can hurt their personal “internal voice.” I would like to include the “external” components of social networking in today’s society and it’s impact on developing one’s self-authorship. Does social networking take away an individual’s interval voice because it is so open to the public, takes time away from face-to-face contact, and pressure an individual to be the social norm? This idea can bloom to tie three different relationships together which will be social networking, self-authorship, and partnerships.

My thesis will continue to be revised through time and will more through research. I am very excited to be seeking more knowledge as this project gets into motion. Any additional comments or help will be helpful as I pursue this particular topic. Also any useful information you might have for me will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I think that you have something, but it may not be very well developed. First of all Bill would argue that this is not a self help book. Second, I enjoyed seeing that you defined what partnerships were, but I would have to argue that partnerships with others help you develop an internal voice rather than hinder it. Thirdly, be careful about what you want to focus on, both social media and college students. Remember the book is our focus and I don’t remember social media within it. What kind of college students would you be taking your information from. People from the book or actual current college students? I think it was a great idea, but I think you need to spend more time focusing on one thing that pertains to the book. Good Luck!

    Dominique Wilson

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