Benefits – Yay or Nay?

There are qualities that are typically associated with a leader

Confidence | Passion

Integrity | Empathy

Accountability | Courage

Humility | Patience

First off, I would like to throw “confidence” right out the window, an individual does not need confidence to be a good leader, yes it may help, having said confidence may make leading easier, yet there are those who lead, yet don’t have the confidence in doing so, they doubt them selves, they often wonder why people would like to follow them, yet they are still great leaders.  However, I do believe these qualities are truth to some extent. “Passion”-it is important to have a passion for the work you are doing and more important to have passion for the people you are doing it for and with; without that, you may find yourself in a stale area of just working to get a terrible job done. “Humility” –  Be able to admit when you are wrong, when you need help, when you can’t do something. It is okay to be human.

It is a combination of characteristics and achievements that, I believe, assist in building the credibility of a  good leader.  the ability to be honest, have a positive attitude, trust in intuition, be influential and of course achieve the goals and task you have set out to achieve, are make a great leader. It is here we can defined and distinguished between a boss and a leader. One does not need such personable characteristics to achieve goals, to put a team on track and set out to do what they are meant to do, but with out them, do you think people would want to follow you? Do you think they would want to be happy and do good work under you?

Conversely,  there are those who have done great harm, who do not posses such qualities and characteristics, who have been defined as leaders. Hitler, Stalin, have been defined as great leaders, because despite their intentions, what they did, the harm they caused, they still motivated and united hundreds of thousands of people under one cause. They may not be a leader the world wants to see, or a leader that even should be leading or in a possession of power, yet they are still a leader.

Leadership Theory

Everyone has their own leadership style, some people may be more goal oriented, Path-Goal, while other focus on team dynamics, Relationship-Oriented.  Some people think leaders are simply born, Great Man Theory, while others believe leaders can be made and developed, Behavioral.

I, personally, prefer Situational Leadership, not every situation, team,  task or goal is the same and can not be treated the same. It is admirable when an individual can adopt multiple leadership styles and adapt those when needed.  Even though there are only a hand full of defined leadership theories, there are really an unlimited number of theories and styles, because there are no two people who are going to lead the exact same way. This is important to know and to keep in mind, as you learn about theory, and begin to develop your own. The above theories, and more that you will learn about, will not only help you become the leader you want to be, but also help you when you are the subroutine and someone else may be leading,  You can begin to identify the different traits in others and identify their leading style so you many better know how you can work with them, how you may work well together, or clash.

There is still a lot of work in leadership theory to do, as leadership in general is an ever developing field, and there always being something knew you can learn.  For future research, I think it would be interesting to look at the age leadership qualities begin to develop and the negative and positive effects youth face in schools and/or at home that impact them and develop them into a “good” or “bad” leader based on societal standards.



Developer | Empathy | Restorative | Input | Belief

According to StrengthsQuest, these are my top five identifiable  strengths.  I believe what makes them part of my strengths, or why anyone can has certain strengths, is because a good portion of the time we don’t realize we are using them, they just come natural to us.

I started LEAD in fall 2016, transferring in as a junior and my definition of leadership was almost stone at the time.

“A person who can lead by example, work with a diverse group of individuals in achieving collective goals….”

My definition, two years ago, was along these line, except in longer format. I had just finished two years of AmeriCorps and had lead national FEMA teams in disasters, I thought what I knew was pretty solid, but I also know that there is always more to learn. Looking at it now, my definition was very goal oriented, and focused a lot on the leader themselves. But leadership is not about just the leader, and the leaders ability, leadership really involves the entire group.

Leadership involves not only working with a team to achieve a goal but it also involves being able to trust that team and rely on each of their strengths as well, being able to manage conflict, and adjust leadership styles when necessary.  These are a few things I have really learned during my time in LEAD.  The conflict management and recognizing strengths have been the two most influential workshops thus far. A year ago I started a new job and was promoted in September, I now run the night shift at work. I had never been in any kind of payed supervisory position before now and it has been quite the experience and as much as i thought i was ready, I wasn’t prepared for the amount of conflict I would have to manage, what I have learned in these workshops I have been able to take with me to work to help mitigate conflicts that arises between coworkers. Unfortunately, however, unlike our practice cases in the workshops, you can not help someone who does not want to be helped.

Despite the workshops and my identified strengths, however, everyone is different, with their own set of beliefs and values and this will alter each persons leadership style to their personality. A few strong beliefs of mine include dependability, honesty, family, and hard work. These effect the way I lead my team everyday,



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