Definitive Argument

P. 76 “Mark’s Story” where he is talking about what is pain and how it is defined through his own experiences makes me wonder why he would have chose that word. Dictionary definitions for pain is

physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury.
Mark mentions that he has learned from being in pain and learning to solve the pain he is in. It is all about what lessons learned so you wont forget. Relatable to this is, being young and a Native American you grow up in a not so easy environment. Not everything is handed to you, you learn to build, live, and survive on your own because it is what’s needed to be done.


Better late than Never

In the process of finding a more narrowed research I came to an idea, before I make this my for sure research project I would like some feedback from fellow scholars..

My research will be based on the idea of self-transformation. It’s the understanding of who you are as a person, where you come from, and the purpose you have in life. I will use this idea in relation to the Native American tribe, the Navajos’. It is what I know and the many teachings that follow with it seemed similar to the ways Magolda was able to understand the people she was interviewing. It will be using the idea of finding a way in life, understanding the meaning behind the different teaching, using taboos and myths to help shape your life as a Navajo and using that in relation to Magolda’s book. In an interview with a radio station, Magolda mentioned that her book Authoring Your Life was written with the intentions to show people how to take responsibility of their own lives and begin to coordinate the advice given and use to for decision making. Therefore my research will be based on the teachings given by parents and elders to shape the life of a young Navajo woman and in the process inform readers of my self transformation.

Possible Research Topic (2):

While searching for a picture for my blog it got me thinking of ways to incorporate all ideas that Authoring Your Life has brought to my attention and it led to me to think of Self Finding. It’s a sense of finding who you are and the purpose that you have. It made me consider all aspects such as spirituality, inner voices, coming to understandings, and trust. In the different stories of these people, they all have a message they shared to show others how they come to realize who they are and the many obstacles they had to overcome.

Possible Research Topic:

After reviewing, reading, and analyzing Authoring Your Life a few key words kept coming to mind and it made me think of the possibilities in which my research project can go. One problem I  know many people have is not trusting their inner voice and always having to second guess themselves, but if we decided to Listen, Build, and Trust Internal Voice it could lead possibly lead us to a person we never knew existed within us.