Mirror Talk


mirrorOn February 17, 2015 my composition class had a conversation relating to interviewing people and collecting data because it leads to ideas. I had never heard of the word phenomenology, but my professor described it to be a type of interview that expresses trust, feeling safe, illumination, understanding and an emotional connection to the person you are interviewing.

I had no understanding of what type of interview this was, until my professor gave an example to the whole class by interviewing a fellow scholar in the class, the topic was describing his first kiss. In general it would be very awkward to ask a person such a subject, but during the interview, the questions always followed up to more questions, like it never ended. The questioning was very ideal, it expanded to how the interviewee felt at the moment, what happened before, during and after the kiss. As we were writing the data, his first kiss lead to a life lesson, “You are shaped by the things you don’t really think about”. The interviewee had this thought in the deepest part of his memory. So the data we collected proved the life lesson he learned from the kiss.

The interview my professor conducted was very intense because it was presented in a professional way but, was freely open to ask the interviewee questions that focused on open ended questions. This interview was based upon a major research paper coming up for the class, because we will be conducting our own research later on though out the semester.

Over all the class discussion made me realize that there are always life lessons that don’t we don’t often want to be bought out to the known, but it is what shapes how we look, connect, and live with the society today.




Biochemistry is a college major. It is also called biological chemistry and is defined as studying the chemical process related within living organisms. It can help people understand diseases and visualize cures for a specific organism.

Biochemistry today in the modern society is focused on biological molecules developed outside and inside the body. I had personally picked this major because as a child through my high school years my strongest subject was science. When ever attended my science classes it felt as if I were discovering life smaller than us. I also picked Biochemistry because the career I want to do requires this degree. I want to go into the medical field and specialize in Cardiology. I picked to specialize in Cardiology because it deals with the heart. I want to be a person who can repair a heart physically and mentally.

People say this major is difficult because it requires a lot of memorization and determination. For myself I like a good challenge, because I have the dedication to finish anything I put in my way. I was taught to never give up on what you started. I hold this teaching high because this shows weakness in an individual. So for my future uses, I will be able to provide to people who are in need in a surgical sense. I will uphold not to give up on the patients I will get in the near future.

Overall the major I am going to pursue will be a job I like and wouldn’t mind working overtime because it is for the care the people. I want to make the world a better place for anyone with providing them with excellent health care and warming emotion through the procedure. All I want in life is to better the health of people, because I know I would please myself with this action.