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Complicated Economics Problem

Economics, when most people here the word they think of numbers or money, but economics is much more than formulas and equations.  It is a social science that studies the rational decisions we as human beings make, which makes Language a key factor in the study of human decisions.

Articles from Language A Reader for Writers, Gita DasBender: Body Language (p 18) 

  • Understanding gesture and other nonoverable language

Language and Thought (p 12) 

  • Understanding how humans create symbols and communicate with them

Writing for an Audience (p 74) 

  • Analyzes the writer-reader relationships
  • Writers must share knowledge, not just tell it

Is Your Language Making You Broke and Fat? How Language Can Shape Thinking and Behavior (and How It Can’t)  (p 32)

  • Analyzes the intersection of language, culture, and society

Which is the Best Language to Learn? (p 40)

  • Is French the most useful language to learn?
  • Discusses the advantages of learning several languages

Politics and the English Language (p 203) 

  • A lack of imagery and precision are now “ugly” uses in the English Language
  • Language should be used as an instrument of expression

Are you a Mac or a Mac User? How the Language of Identity Persuades (p 230)

  • Analyzes how people identify with advertisements
  • Verbal persuasion

Investigating Globish (p 297)

  • Simple language is easier to spread globally

Example of how Language and Economics relate to one another:   (Keith Chen is a Behavioral Economist and Economics Professor from the Yale University School of Management)