Are You a Mac or a Mac User? How the Language of Identity Persuades


So how did these commercials establish millions of identities?

Cognitive scientist, Julie Sedivy, says, “I’ve witness…how compelling the need can be to align consumer behavior with a sense of self, and how this need can override even the most careful deliberation.”

 Practical Business Application
  • Businesses need consumers to purchase their products.
  • So how do they sell the most amount of a product?  Advertisement
  • Businesses are now targeting consumer identities to boost their profits.

The ability to manipulate language has allowed business coportaions to profit greatly of consumers. They establish a link between a perceived identify and their product.  For example in the Mac vs. PC commercial, Apple was promoting that the PC had constant issues and was dorky, while the apple was new, cool, and always doing amazing things.

Should Businesses Be Doing This? 
  • Businesses are now targeting regional linguistic and slang to develop different marketing campaigns in specific areas.
  • They have seen the success of other companies and now using language to maximize their profit margins.

This is a major reason why Apple is a major corporation in the United States now.


Stock Price of Apple over 5 years




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