Genre: before reading this chapter discussing the element of genre I believed that the word only defined the genres of book. For example:

  • Fiction
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Horror


The list continues, but after reading Writer/Designer genre can be created very easily. It can be various styles of music, prezi presentations, and illustrated comics. A genre can be created very easily.


Writer/Designer describes a method of Researching Your Project Idea




Writing for an Audience, from Language: A Reader for Writers, and Writer/Designer overlap on the element of audience. Writer/Designer: Chapter Two touches on the element of audience by deconstructing the individuals elements of rhetorical analysis, but it also comes audience from the perspective of design. Writing for an Audience approaches the topic of audience as a gap that must be closed, or bridged, between the author and the reader. They both have overlapping themes, yet they give an approach for audience from different vantage points.

Writer / Designer (Chapter Two): Audience



  • Audience is the intended readership for your text.
  • There are Primary and Secondary audiences:
            • Primary: intended audience
            • Secondary: outside of the intended audience
  • Consider the values and opinions of both the primary and secondary audiences.



Multimodal discourse can be found almost everywhere in our modern life today. There are multiple ways that multimodals can be presented throughout a college campus even.


1. Campus Involvement Flyers:


Flyer in a residence hall

This is a flyer advertising an upcoming campus luau event. Notice how the designer has taken advantage of listing the information in a list on the left side (spatial), and also changing the color of each topic group to make the flyer more eye catching.  It has a strong visual layout of color and hawaiian like theme, which even if you didn’t read the flyer you could anticipate what the theme of the event would be.  Though the word  “luau” is in large font and bold yellow color that immediately draws you to it.


2 . Campus Dining Signs (It was difficult to take a picture of):


Menu in Wholly Habaneros

There are various mutlimodal representations going on in this photograph.  The sign has a variety of color incorporated into it, with a pictures as well! The pictures make the sign eye catching, but they also serve the purpose of directing the customer of telling them what to do. The hands point in the direction that the customer should follow in deciding what the combination of their food order.  The menu is also projected of a monitor, which illuminates the words so that it is clear visible and easy to read.  They could have possibly made the sign more sophisticated in design by having moving images, or gestures going on in the background.


3 . Directional Signs:


Sign outside the Student Union

This is a simplistic design for a sign, but at the same time it is clever with the usage of mutltimodal concepts. It has spatial and visual aspects which makes the sign easy to read,  and the image of the cigarette immediately tells the viewer what the sign is about without reading even one word.  It is almost like the image prompts the brain of the topic, then instructs them of the location, and tells people where to go.

The Concepts:

The following images have incorporated at least one of the following modes of multimodal discourse:

  • Visual
  • Spatial
  • Gestural
  • Linguist

They have all common concept that Bill Mangrum has expressed multiple times in class and that is they tell the reader what to do.  That seems to be the most important aspect to accomplish when writing or designing a project, so if there is only one thing you can remember when writing.  It should be that you are telling your intended audience what to do.



I believe the visual mode of multimodal projects are one of the most important modes. This is the first mode that registers with the reader when they see the multimodal layout.


Notice how a clear and organized website is appealing to the visual senses:



Facebook Homepage


A person could only spend up to four seconds on a website before deciding to leave. It is important to have a solid visual representation that is clear and organized in a multimodal project, because this is the form of a first impression which should captivate the reader and hold their attention long enough to accomplish to goal of your project.