An Open Letter to Congress:

Dear Congress,

This letter is addressing the issue on mass shootings and the innocent lives that have been taken. In 2015 alone, there has been 9,957 people who have been killed from gun violence. There has been 294 mass shootings this year and an overall number of 20,269 people who have been injured by firearms. This number seems to be increasing and gun violence is unfortunately becoming more common each year. An average 32 people are killed by a gun in America everyday. The problem here is not just gun control but the criminals behind the gun. As a nation, we need to push forward mental health treatments for everyone and provide help that is going to benefit people. With that, I want to pursue the idea that the main reason to mass shootings is because people are disconnected to nature. People who turn to violence may lack an appreciation to life and perceive the world poorly. Actually, less than 3% of criminals have a mental illness and in fact, most of the criminals are never diagnosed as mentally ill. The big issue is that many people do not seek treatment because they either can’t afford it or they think there is nothing wrong with them. My intentions for congress is to pursue Americans to connect back with nature and make it their therapy. We need to start researching into the root problem of gun violence and pushing forward.

I am proposing the idea to an alternative treatment called, Eco therapy. Eco therapy promotes mental health within the context of the natural environment. It gives you a sense of appreciation, respect for, and awe of nature that results in feelings of connectedness with the natural environment. The treatment dedicates time in nature, weather that is walking, hiking, camping, gardening, or anything that has to do with spending time outdoors. This allows for reflection and mindfulness that people need to practice in order to prevent violence.

Congress needs to take action on gun violence and start making this a priority. If we can promote Eco therapy into people’s lives, we can build a safer country free of gun violence. Enough is enough, we can end gun violence.

Thank you.