“If You Dig Deep Dnough, You Can Find the Real Treasure”.

Based on February 17th’s  informational lecture, I was able to walk out with a new viewpoint on how to construct interview’s and dig deeper into an individual’s thoughts. The lecture started off differently right off the bat due to the new set up using both tables and chairs. We were told to take detailed notes and to also be an observer and participator because we would be observing how to construct a specific interview. Although we learned about 3 interview’s, the one that we would really be using in this next assignment is called a phenomenology interview . This interview is structured by several characteristics that differ from the rest of the interviews. In this style of interviewing, open ended questions are used in order to record specific data and information that focuses on a discrete moment, feeling or emotion.  It is supported by trust and the interviewee MUST feel safe with all questions.

In class, Bill asked one of my fellow scholars Gino Poli if he could be apart of a example interview and that the rest of the class should really focus on how the interview is set up. The question that Mangrum askd Poli was if he could refer back to his first kiss and relive that whole experience.  As Poli would talk and describe the event, Mangrum would follow his answer with follow up question and ask why he used curtain words or gestures. By doing this tactic, as the interviewer you are able to gain more detailed information that can lead to the “bigger picture”. Also, by pushing the interviewers thoughts you are able to separate past and present emotions and that can really have an impact on the overall data.  Finally I got to witness that when you focus on the past, present and future of the experience, the deepest of thoughts come out.

Illegal actions can turn into POSITIVE outcomes of advertisement.

Before coming to College and attending Fort Lewis, I feel as if I ran into a situation that PLENTY of college kids had to go through.  The idea of choosing a major was tricky for me because although I knew I wanted to do something with art, I was questioning whether or not I could make a living doing something I loved. I knew that in order to make a living off of my art and ideas, I would need to learn how to put myself out there and gain the knowledge necessary in order to be successful.  But how do I take that big leap and challenge myself so I can create these kind of opportunities? After doing countless hours of research and organizing my thoughts, I came to the conclusion that I can progress my dreams and still be an artist in the advertisement industry.

You see, growing up in Chicago I was introduced to all types of different lifestyles that had both positive and negative effects. I was mainly surrounded by gang members and drug dealers but I knew at an early age that was not the lifestyle I wanted to be a part of. I have always been a big enthusiast for art and murals  and when ever I had the opportunity to see art on the walls, my eyes felt as if they were glued to the surface. I begin trying to copy what I saw and when I would play on the computer, I was more interested in messing around with different fonts and letter generators rather than playing games and searching the web. As I got older I began to meet other artists and individuals who were interested in the same subject matter and that was when I realized that this could be a lifestyle that I would love to be apart of.

Overtime my interest built and as I got older I realized that this illegal hobby could be used as a unique type of advertisement and I could make a living off this skill because not everyone could partake in it. And this is why I chose to pursue in graphic design and use this knowledge for advertisement purposes.