The look that said too much

Have you ever been in a situation my it be with a doctor or a friend, and they look at you and you know exactly what happened good or bad without them saying a word? Its either usually really bad news or good news. Like in sports when your waiting to hear if you made the tournament in basketball or a bowl game for football. Your coach looks up and just has a smile and may wink and you know exactly what he just said! Its crazy to think we can say so much with just a look its like a connection between people almost. It can be terrible at times to though. If your waiting for a doctor to give you results and he slightly shakes his head with a sad smile. I just had surgery and the doctor said nothing to me, all he did is walked by and winked and I knew it went well. One word can say a lot, no words can say even more.

Power of Language (Part 2)

If you just go to college and learn English and study the English language that is fine, I’m sure you will find an opportunity for you to use that. But your choices are limited, your power of language, small. This sense of learning more languages and the types of language works for all learning. Wouldn’t you want to learn the most you can in a subject? Like history for example, what if we only learned about one date in history or a few and said they are the most important, who cares about the others. We as humans wouldn’t know as much as we do about ourselves. The more we know the better it gets for us for our opportunities in the future. So please expand your power in language in all areas because just like knowledge is power, language is power too.

Power of Language (Part 1)

I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, grew up in Sydney and Queensland, Australia and lived in the U.S. for 6 years now. I know 3 different types of culture and 2 different languages. The way I see it I already have a leg up on everyone else because of my language knowledge there are more doors open for me in the future with what I want to do, more opportunities essentially. I’m not trying to say that you have to know more languages to have more opportunities. That is correct but not the only thing you should try to study and learn. If you know sign language more doors open for you, or the study of facial expressions across cultures and body language too. These are all types of powerful language, and the more you know the more power you have to open any door you wish for your future.

The Power of Songs

I think most people would agree with me when I say that music is a type of language. A very powerful type of language maybe one of the best. Everyone in the world listens to music and has their favorite band, artist, or song. The reason that most people will like that band, artist, or song is that it speaks to them. That could be the beat of the music, to the tempo but most likely it is the actual words. Songs are very influential to people, they inspire, motivate, make us happy, sad, focus us, and give us energy. Music makes people do things that maybe they normally wouldn’t like dance in public, imagine dancing in public with no music on. Music is such a powerful form of language and speaks to everyone in different ways mostly positive but sometimes badly. Check out this article on a man who killed a team because of loud music.

Report on Blogging 2

You could easily make this a very opinionated blog page but this author has links to websites where he has heard of his information, plus on his blog there is a page called Sources showing he is not trying to take credit away from anyone. The author seems very credible and when reading his About Me page you see the author has lived all over the world and seen the different types of language. Even though the author could just talk about his experiences with the different types of language he takes the time to research and find evidence that most bloggers will take as their own facts.

Blogs are known for people just having fits and saying their opinions. People truly believing that they are in fact right and everyone has to listen to them. These are the annoying people that think their opinion is a fact, but as I read in Everyone’s An Author on chapter 9, “You are entitled to your own opinions-but not your own facts.” Lets not miss use the power of language and take what others have found for your own power.

Report on Blogging 1

WordPress is a website that allows anyone to make a blog page. It is used at many colleges around the nation, and is more reliable by that fact because college students have professors that will most likely grade these blogs. If a student does not back up their information as much as possible with evidence of research they will fail.

The blog page Language is Power is a great example of the difference in opinionative blogging and rhetoric and research blogging. Blogging these days has become so opinionated or just straight up useless and boring information, mostly because they are so opinionated. But that seems to be changing in this blog. The author talks about all forms of language, from actual speaking to body language, and in each post the author mentions the power behind it and how effective or useful to us it is. Also his first post was about how language can literally give you power.

Body Language

Our body’s can give off language too. They are not as easy to read as hands or symbols but depending on the person you can tell what they are trying to tell you or just how they feel. Body language is given when one is slouching, walking up tall, rubbing their head, head resting hands and many many more (Body Language). Body language is more of a feeling you are trying to tell someone you can not actually have a conversation with someone in fact it can do the complete opposite. If you are slouching and have your head down your body is saying I’m tired and don’t want to be talked to, people can read this and that will hinder them from trying to come up to you and start a conversation. It’s very common in sports too. When an athlete is upset or doesn’t really want to be there you can just tell in the way they move with no assertiveness and their shoulders will be hanging low. We say millions of things with our bodies each day and we will rarely notice it but others will.

The Language of Hands

I_love_you_in_sign_language(1)Aslfingerspellalphablue peace hand

Hands are used every single second of the day we almost dismiss them or under appreciate their value to us. Hands themselves have a language like no other, sign language, who ever thought we could be able to talk to another human without moving your lips and making sounds. Its pretty amazing if you actually think about it. Look at the first picture. First glance I guarantee you thought of rock n’ roll which is right, it is an iconic symbol known around the world for “rockin’ out”, but did you know that it actually means “I love you”(Language of hands). I had no clue that was the case, maybe someone was at a rock concert and put up their hand to make that symbol to say “I love you” to the singer and then it just caught on as the thing to do for rock n’ roll. Sign language definitely isn’t the only type of talking our hands can do, they make symbols. Look at the third picture. You obviously thought peace, if not thats good because that can mean the number two or even a symbol for scissors or even possibly something different in another culture. Our hands are a very powerful tool that we are lucky to have, and in language they can do so much without you having to make a sound.

Language is always changing

I was wondering if any new words or slang words had been added to the english language lately. I came across this website, it tells you the updates to the “online” dictionary all the way back to november 2010. It got me thinking why are some words only added to the online version and not the paperback version? Are we not meant to use these words in communication with someone face to face? But it would be okay to use it with Skype or FaceTime since thats online? I just don’t seem to understand why. Look back hundreds of years and think how differently people spoke and the words they used, some of them have been eliminated from our language. Our language is always changing and communication has changed tremendously with the technology available for us, the generation after us will create new ways of communicating and words.


Slang is a very difficult subject to talk about at times, the culture and a generation has its own type of slang sometimes even individuals have developed their own slang. As U.S. society becomes more youth oriented, slang becomes more widespread in usage, and subcultures continually invent new slang as older terms tend to be disengaged by the mainstream population. Slang is a very powerful type of language that not everyone will always understand, communicating will become more difficult between nations and even states. Some people look at me oddly when just using the southern based word y’all. The way we pronounce words has evolved through time, generations are always changing language to suit their style at times, may that be a sports person, skater, surfer or dancer. The generation after us will create new words which to us will be slang but for them its their language and their best way to communicate.