Education Class vs. COMP 250

Photo by Rachel Lodwick

After attending my composition class, I went directly to my education class where I noticed a key difference between the two: the formation of the desks. William Mangrum’s composition class was first set up in rows of desks and then we rearranged it as one giant circle, whereas in Susan Martinez’s education class we are arranged in small groups. Although it is a small difference, it has drastically changed how the class interacts with one another. In my education class, we mainly discuss topics in our small groups rather than with the class. While this allows for us to interact closely with a few people, it doesn’t let us interact with everyone in the class. There are still some people in my education class that I can recognize, but I do not know their names. This is completely different from Mangrum’s class where I know all of my fellow scholars and can interact with them outside of class as well. Despite the different interactions I have with my classmates in each class, I am still able to focus and gain new knowledge in both of these classroom environments. The circle arrangement provides for a richer classroom discussion, whereas the small group arrangement allows for deeper relationships to be formed with classmates. Although they have different positive aspects, neither of these arrangements are wrong because they both promote discussions with our peers and help us to better understand the topics presented during class.

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