Experience with Class Discussion: 27October2014

I really enjoyed class today. I like writing about anything of my choice.  I also like how Bill made it interesting with giving us silly topics to write about. The topics he gave us were very odd and we really had to think about what we should write. Writing about feet isn’t really interesting at all because there is usually nothing cool about feet. They are smelly and sweaty. We really had to use our imaginations to write in class today. Writing for 10 minutes without being able to give your hand a break is quite a struggle, especially when you are running out of things to say. Cramps suck. I like writing in this way, it is much more enjoyable then giving a serious topic. People chunk their writing because they don’t really have much of an imagination. It is hard to just come up with a random story for some people, so they take the easy way out and keep it simple. It is easier to chunk because then you don’t have to think too hard.

6 Bullents In My Own Words

  1. No matter what you are writing, there is only one way that your writing should be. The rules for writing don’t change.
  2. We as writers and readers. Analyze the same. No matter if you write the peice or read it, you put your own opinion in it.
  3. Many people can read the exact same thing, yet still see it differently.
  4. When someone is writing, no matter what it is, they always add opinion.
  5. Everyone borrows other peoples language  and puts it in their own. It’s  inevitable.
  6. When writing, we tend to make sure out grammar is accurate.


Everything that we discuss in class will lead me on the right track. My major is Sociology. I am going to have to learn to engage with people. In COMP Bill is trying to teach us to engage.  For Sociology I am doing the criminology option. I want to be able to know why people do the things they do and what causes them to commit crimes. I will need to analyze.

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