It’s your life, it’s your call.

Hi guys, this is my first time posting in this blog and I would like to talk about some of the most common struggles of international students during their four years of commitment, seeking a bachelor’s degree.

I believe that the very first struggle is the beginning of school. The first week of classes for someone who is still learning a new language is like hell. I remember when I had to do presentations in front of the classmates and the only alternative for me was to read a piece of paper where I had written everything that I wanted to say. Not to mention the headaches from listening to a different language all the time as well as the effort that I was making to understand every single word.

Another struggle is to make your best friends. I met a lot of people throughout my time in college but I believe that until I increased my vocabulary and spoke better english I had difficult time choosing my best friends. I’m sure they were confused about my personality until we were able to have a better connection with each other.

The most common and inevitable struggle of most international student is being away from home. Time goes by really fast when you are having a good time in college but when difficult times and homesickness knocks at your door the only thing you can think of is family. Gladly, summers are long and you can always spend some time with family recharging the energy in order to be prepared for a new semester.

These are the most common struggles that people go through when studying abroad. To counterbalance the issue of being homesick, it’s always important to be surrounded by good people, being communicative with family and preserving your roots.


Here’s a video that shows Michigan State University recognition and implement of a new plan of action to these exchange students.