Goodbye Privacy

Is anything really private anymore? I mean think about it. We put everything about ourselves on every source of social media we can find. We post the most intimate details of our lives to Facebook with the feeling that we just need to be heard. Phones are being used much more frequently at meals now. It was bad enough when they introduced televisions into restaurants, but now with cellphones face-to-face time is depleted even more. We are on our phones 24/7. Why? In fear that we will actually have to spend half a second with ourselves?   Avraham Edelstein says it best in his article from The Huffington Post, “We will dissolve the private into the public so that we never have to be ourselves again.” These days anyone that know anything about anybody has easy access to that information. Will we continue to head down this road or will we realize that privacy is actually pretty important to our individualism? Or will it be too late?

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