Good or Bad?

Lately, I have heard a lot of talk about where the internet and the digital age are heading. I have heard about things ranging from an egg carton with the ability to tell you when eggs have gone bad to the idea that in 30 years it will be difficult to distinguish a human from a robot. Being informed by an egg carton on when your eggs are no longer good would not only add a certain level of ease to cooking, but also save someone from a pretty bad stomach ache. On the other hand, though, the direction in which the digital age is heading calls for some concern. Robots have always been a far out there fantasy. To have a machine that would clean your room, fold your clothes, or do your homework is a wonderful idea. However, what happens when the robot decides that instead of it being at your beck and call, you should be at its. As the movies have showed, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows where robots are concerned. Now, is it a little presumptuous to assume that just because it was shown in a movie, it will happen? Maybe, however, The Space Odyssey, premiered in 2001 showing the first hand held tablet, and now, thirteen years later, it would be rare to come across someone without a hand held tablet of their own.

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