Internet of my things…

Technology is such an incredible thing. Just ten years ago everybody had one of those sad little flip phones that most likely didn’t have a camera, and if it did it never came out very clear. The only games playable on them were the ones that came already downloaded on the phone, and texting in that abc ¬†format was just exhausting. Now every person on the street has a smart phone. Not only that, they most likely have a personal computer and/or a tablet. It is going to be very interesting to witness where the internet will go next. What will happen of the next ten years? Twenty years? Or Thirty years? The rate at which the digital age is moving is incredible, however, it is also a little frightening. It is amazing what has already been discovered, but what will be next. A car that detect whether you have alcohol on your breath? A candle that puts itself out when it has been burning for a certain amount of time? A refrigerator that can make phone calls? A car that will drive you to your destination? I guess we will see.

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