One of humans main sources of information comes from the media; this is a huge problem for many reasons. In the media, women are treated like objects and commercials, magazines, and television portrays them in the ‘sex sells’ kind of way. I think that the reason that women become these sexual objects is because somewhere along the line men began to pay women a lot of money if they agreed to wear sexual clothing, strip or even sell themselves. On the other hand, women are the ones who agreed to this type of behavior, so both genders are equally at fault. The media also tries to manipulate you into buying products “If you’re not whitening your teeth, you are yellowing” and this supports our consumerism driven society. The media also creates a false reality in our lives, we watch hours of television, and we believe in ‘reality TV’ and get so involved in something that has nothing to do with our lives. The only reason that all these things are acceptable is because we as the population allows it, maybe it’s time to take a stand against this role model we call the media.


I have recently watched the documentary called Dirt. The documentary examines the Earth’s ‘skin’ which is Dirt. Dirt has thousands of micro-organisms that work in ways to keep the planet full of vegetation. When we humans over crop, we deplete the soil and it no longer has the nutrients to provide vegetation; deserts result from this and there are more every day. Something I also never knew is that dirt can replenish its nutrients thanks to trees. When a tree falls, the ‘dead’ matter creates fungi (mushrooms) and brings the soil back to life. With deforestation, this is another way we are depleting the soil. The bigger message from this documentary is that the Earth provides so much for us and we are just using it up without ever giving back. There are ways for people to play their part, they could compost (and I’m happy to say that Fort Lewis already does this) or they could grow their own gardens or community gardens. Dirt is a substance that doesn’t get much recognition, it is something that we take advantage of; if we don’t have it, we will not be able to feed ourselves.

I Am Pro-Womens Rights

I have recently heard about the new law in Texas that is restricting 2/3rds of planned parenthoods to perform abortions in the state, this news enraged me. I do not care if you are pro-choice or pro-life, I am pro-women’s rights, and the choice to have or refuse an abortion is a women’s right; she should have the right to do what she pleases with her body. This is the year 2013, almost 2014, and the fact that women’s rights are still being challenged and debated about is absolutely ridiculous. This law to illegalize abortions will be pushed into congress in January of next year. If the law passes, it doesn’t mean that abortions will stop (that will never be a reality) it just means that they will be unsafe and criminalized. It’s moments like this that make me really question the system; there is no place for religion in politics and the anti-abortionist have somehow wiggled their way into law making. I believe that if you are against abortions, then you should not partake in them, but that doesn’t give you the right to impede upon others rights to have one. This is the same kind of oppression we see placed on minorities, the gay and lesbian community and once again women. I will not apologize for standing up for what I believe in. To those of you whom I have offended, all I have to say is that I am also very offended.


Genetically engineering is the act of physically adding or taking away DNA to create traits for a living being that was not given to that being when they were created naturally. Scientists have been using this method to change the DNA of our food, of our animals and even the genetic makeup of human beings. The negative effects of genetically modifying our food is that our bodies were not created to digest these kind of foods and we have negative health effects as a result. We have created a mouse with a human ear attached to it and a goat who’s milk has been combined with the web of a spider that can be separated and refined to form a fabric. These kinds of discoveries could allow for us to grow human body parts that can be attached to existing bodies and it could allow us to create more renewable resources; but have we looked into the possible dangers? We already still use GMO’s in our food even though we know they are bad for us, what is to stop us from genetically engineering even if we discover that it is also damaging? My personal opinion is that genetics should not be messed with, we are created naturally for a reason; what is your opinion?


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! In light of the holiday, I have decided to attempt to stay positive. After all, we in the United States have a lot to be thankful for. Even though we have suffered terrorist attacks, we do not have to fear them in the way that other countries do. We spend a lot of money (57% of the national budget) on the security and protection of our country. We also have a lot of diversity in our countries you are free to be whoever you want to be, and follow whatever culture you would like. We can be thankful for living in the land of opportunity, many other countries are not so lucky. 1% of the world lives off of less than a dollar a day and another 1% lives off of less than two dollars a day. Even though I have been pointing out various flaws in American with this blog, we are still fortunate to live here.


I’m sure that many of us know or have at least heard of fracking, and though it produces much of the resources we use on a daily basis, is it worth it? The process involves water and high pressure to extract an oil mixture, then it has to go through a refining process to separate the rock or sand from the oil. This uses even more resources to complete the process and the land is left in a ruins. The process is very disruptive to the environment, there is contaminated water nearby and it can destroy wildlife homes. We have obviously become far too reliant on oil and we are willing to destroy the world around us for it. I think it’s long overdue for us to start thinking about more than just ourselves.

The Island of plastic-paradise

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, or so it is nick-named, is an island amounting to the size of 7 million square miles in the pacific ocean. The Earth’s rotation causes currents in the ocean (based off of wind patterns) to draw land waste, mainly plastic, to this island; this motion traps the debris so it can not escape the island. Much of the marine life mistakenly swallow the plastic and/or get strangled in the garbage. The sun is also a factor, it causes the plastic to release toxins into the ocean and also effect the marine life. If the marine life dye off, this could shift the food chain drastically. Since this issue is not inconveniencing humans (yet) nothing is being done to get rid of the island, the only progress being made is trying to prevent it from increasing in size.

Tapping it out

Drink your tap water, I promise you that it is the best water that you can give your body. Plastic water bottles are harmful for various reasons. They are bad for the environment because the plastic doesn’t break down for decades. Also, a lot of the bottles are tossed into the ocean and the sun allows for the poisons to be released killing marine life. Also, the water bottle companies are most likely lying to you when they say that their water comes from a “mountain spring”. They use the same water that goes into the tap. The water companies also allow various pollutants to go into your water bottles without filtration, some of these include jet fluid (gross). Next time you go to buy a plastic water bottle think of this and try the alternative method of a reusable water bottle with water from the tap.


Look at the tag on your shirt, does it say made in the U.S.A? Probably not, this is because almost all of our clothing comes from textile factories in other countries. The companies that make our clothes, out source jobs to other countries in order to pay low wages, have poor working conditions and long hours for their workers. These American companies are making millions if not billions of dollars off of exploiting workers for cheap labor; their employees live off of less than two dollars a day. What can you do about? Buy locally made clothing, it supports mom and pop clothing stores and it doesn’t support the bigger companies. You can also buy from thrift shops and reuse clothing, this lowers the money spent on supporting these clothing companies.

The House I Live In

The House I Live In is a documentary about federal prison. I am all about justice, but I have began to question our government systems, especially recently. This documentary discusses how 90% of the population in federal prison are African Americans when only 15% of the entire U.S. population is African American. This is obviously due to racial profiling, the police target areas of low wealth and discriminate against the black community. This is not okay, racism still exists, and the worst part is that it exists with the people who hold the power. The House I Live In is also about the overwhelming amount of people in federal prison because of drug related issues. Most are in for selling drugs (I understand why people would be against drugs) but the reason they start selling is to support their habit; shouldn’t we be getting drug addicts help instead of locking them behind bars for the rest of their lives? A rehab facility could be a nice alternative to federal prison. The mandatory minimum laws are ridiculous, if you have over a certain amount of any drug, you are automatically placed in jail for a minimum of 5 years to a life sentence. There is also the issue of crack versus powder cocaine; these are the same substance, but crack cocaine has baking soda and heat added to it, yet you can spend a substantially longer amount of time in prison for crack then someone with the same amount of powder cocaine. The war on drugs is a never ending and losing battle, these are not the people who are raping and killing our American citizens, and they are the majority of people who are in federal prison. This just doesn’t seem right to me, I would like to hear more from everyone about your opinions, leave a comment; also, this documentary is on Netflix if any of you have an account and are interested in watching it.