MY CLASS NOTE: 24 October 2014

– When we leave, we will be marked off for improper formatting

-After Comp 150 must be, / sec12

-in italics means no quotations unless the speaker is quoted referring to another book

-Turn signals are a convention, they signal a particular move

-quotes are a signal

-be consistent in formatting

-Preliminary matter, double space

-BLOG ASSIGNMENT: 3 parts, first, today’s notes, 4hr break, second, essay about our notes, third, connect to outside of class

“I didn’t get anything out of that class” “This class is of no use” “That class was a waste of time”


paper/blog/text/conversation/class are all sites for knowledge

-This is a wide ranging open discussion to push language, teasing subtleties

-developing abilities as critical thinkers

-what does the word serious mean?

-Precious, “something that’s not kidding around”

-She defined by what it wasn’t

-expanding: word leads to sentence leads to paragraph leads to the paper


-Serious Texas BBQ

-Leighton “determined, focused”

-“common words have a meaning in your head when you put them down”

-C.J. “serious is a tone”


-Ami “disciplined”

“attempt on one’s part to be understood”

-Bean, “communicating something important with conviction”

-Justin “an emotion that matches the magnitude of a situation”

-Sam “affirming the realness or importance of a situation”

-Patch writing covers issues of paraphrasing and plagiarism

-write about serious as it relates to the class

part three: take serious and relate to the whole of your education


make sure he always refers to us as scholars

Katie Rivera

Mitchell Peterson

want to work to train your body to do things while listening

writing is a physical act

“If you go into the mtns. with out your mind, you will die”

“come to college without your body, you’ll flunk”

body must be treated right as student

scholars take care of their body so the mind can do what it is supposed to do.

Friday 1:55 on campus, on your own, no one around, pen or pencil and notebook, no phone

Time on Task: If we set aside time,  we are most likely to finish tasks

take notes, draw pictures, write poetry

He wants to know what it’s like to be alone with our mind

Take the notes, write an essay

Scholars who are held early in college career to rigorous self-assessment, learn more

His goal is to get us to pay attention to our mind

“presentation copy” no final copy, all things can be reworked

One learning outcome of comp one: scholars understand the process

Text him, be honest when behind on work

write of the learnings of your mind, not just what we thought about

Precious says, “stay awake and focus”

pay attention to the noise invside your head, write it all down, only then will you know what to keep and what to throw away

The writings that make you go, “WOW!” those authors have gotten in touch with who they are as people

people become better writers when they write

Thinking is conversation, internalized

Writing is talking, visualized



Bill Mangrum
Zach Dowd
researchers don’t claim to know any result, they must go find

Stdney Mcmunn
We are all scholars in this room

“research is the mind that you bring to the moment that you’re in”

research everything, not nec. tech, take observations

Justin Richards- “research is observing everything around” “begin to make conclusions”

Luke Landreneau

Forrest Simpson- “clarified”
Norene Raines – Art and design major
James Wadle
Carlie Romer
Luke Jun
First rule: mention first and last name first time around, last name only beyond that

McCauley Smith- “we are just kind of getting to know eachother”


Donald Eric “Burrito” Bean

no nicknames in academic papers

Rhetoric is

Ami Gabryszewski

a lot of us treat brains like vaults and try to unlock it for teachers to fill

Rhetoric Rhetorical Rhetor (n.) provider of knowledge

We know from many studies learning increases when people get to know others in the room

new spot, and different people

C.J. Calvert- ”

Referring Master of Bullshit scale
S <——————-

Q: How long do you want it to be?

A: who is your audience and what do you want them to do?


Zack- “it’s all about the purpose”

always clarify who is your audience

You have to be responsible for your own production of knowledge

He pushes us because he understands the world we live in

conned into the idea that knowledge is out there

start writing and don’t stop

He had a student Jared that

“I reccomend you keep your pen moving”
popular technique of writing instructors
Writing is a shovel and you keep digging, not a report of the mind

1 writing is reporting
2 writing is exploring

Justin Lopez

Eli Rosenbaum “we are figuring out

Quotes are important and should act as evidence, not to supplement voice

This is our paper, take every shot, be selfish use quotes when needed to get into position

Precious Yazzie

Lydel Sleuth

Paige Albright- “learning names, write everything down”

Tyley Knott

Kevin Cornett

Sam de Graw

Leighton Denetsosie

Kaela Roberts

HW: he is audience, convince him we were paying attention today


Process what’s said, pull apart, put together in a new way that extends convo


today’s students are said to not go deeper

What are you thinking?

expand, look at topic in different way

To write is to record sound

Justin Richards

James Wadle

Many steps, many drafts

revising is an opportunity to practice writing

Sydney “we are good at playing school

Gunther Ott

writing is a process, attend to process, understand the process

build relationships

We learn to write by writing

steps of writing                                                          Pedagogy

1. Belief in the power of language                  How we take in info



email with fort email only

Noble 234  11-5                      1 week return on all work

all words are sounds before words


He is stunned that a conversation on ethics of caring while

I want to make enough to

Everyone has different views

We aren’t leaving room for our own views

The more we understand what we believe

He underlined things he was interested in

basic self-assessment only for this class

Ask series of questions:

Do I have my books and materials?

Have I attended?



What’s pushing us?

Spirit of inquiry

literary biography

end with our strengths and weaknesses

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