Research Topic 2

Further focusing on the Navajo reservation, are at-risk teens able to take advantage of the lessons and points made in self-help books like that of Authoring Your Life by Marcia Baxter Magolda? Will encouraging them to find a strong sense of self at an earlier age increase their chances of living a fuller, successful life? These are the types of question I will be approaching if I were to pursue this topic. This topic will focus on the possible effects Authoring Your Life will have on at-risk teens living on the Navajo reservation.

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  1. Hello Sabrina,

    This really struck a cord with me because I find it difficult to talk about the Navajo reservation without causing conflict. I like the direction you are headed in, but I would hope that you would make it clear to your reader that self help books are not a resolution, but a start. There are multiple problems due to they way people view themselves because we are a known nation with a loss of culture. The author of Authoring Your Life regarded self as something internal, but it is had for a nation to change when they have no idea that a western culture is not their own and that to find self is to come to terms with the traditions that their ancestors lost. You may want to introduce the idea of decolonization and I have a book on the subject if you need assistance. This is a fantastic start and I would be honored to read your paper for editing.

    Best Wishes,
    Dominique Wilson

  2. Hey Sabrina,

    Both of these ideas sound good. I think the second one sounds more planned out and it could turn into an awesome paper. To make something like this work though, I would be sure to look at the issue from several different points of view. This is a very intriguing idea though!


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