Dawn’s Story


  • P-12: Took responsibility for her future
  • P-42: “. . . gaining confidence in one’s internal voice is the key element in developing self-authorship.”
  • P-42: Feeling safe
  • Listen to, cultivate, trust one’s inner voice, self-discovery
  • P-50: Tune out external forces in order to hear her inner voice.
  • Knowledge about┬áthe self = greater resilience


  • P-45: “Exploring different parts of yourself, learning about how many different types of people you are within yourself. . . “
  • P-46: “I think there is a lot of learning that goes on continually.”
  • P-46: “You’re always progressing; you’re always moving forward, learning new things about yourself. . .”
  • P-47: “The more you discover about yourself, the more you can become secure with it. . . leads to greater self-confidence because you become comfortable with who you really are.”
  • P-48: Not caring what others thought-listening to your internal voice, even if it is “out of the mainstream”
  • P-48-49: “I don’t have┬áto be a duck in a row, following what everyone else is doing. . . It is a release, where you are willing to let go of clutter that people throw at you.”
  • Figuring out what is important and what is not-evaluation of the self
  • P-51: “If you respect yourself, if you have confidence in your ability, that changes your whole perspective.”


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