Mark’s Story


  • P. 75 – Used school as a buffer against his parents’ divorce.
  • P. 77 – Mark made progress by letting go of external forces pushing him toward a stronger internal voice.
  • As mark begins finding and controlling his internal voice, he finds a path towards self-identity.
  • Internal foundation is developed from an understanding of how external forces impact your life choices and views.
  • P. 82 – Building on his life philosophy, aiding in the development of his identity.


  • P. 76 – “. . . when you get there it doesn’t bring you the kind of satisfaction you thought it would. Or the satisfaction it does bring you is ultimately pretty empty.”
  • P. 77 – “I never dreamed that I would be unhappy working on the law journey.”
  • “That kind of careerist perspective can get you in a place in ten years where you really don’t want to be because you didn’t listen to your internal feelings. . . inside I’m miserable. . . “
  • On Tony Robbins: P. 78 – “. . . you can choose and you can install certain beliefs in your belief system and become more productive for it.”
  • “I certainly belief that’s possible and I think it’s really important that people believe they can do that.”
  • Developing internal voice takes time.
  • P. 80 – “I believe I am the author of my own life.”
  • P. 81 – “It’s a radical responsibility in a way — authoring your own life. In another way it is a radical freedom.”
  • Stop thinking – P. 82 – “Turning your mind off.” (Taoism)


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