My Research Project

Everyday more and more Navajo youth are losing their sense of identity. They lack the guidance and support expressed in Marcia Baxter-Magolda’s Authoring Your Life. My research will focus on the effects the book may have on at-risk Navajo teens. Exposing this group to the idea of internal voice, stability, and self can influence them to take control of their lives.

I will combine the Navajo culture and teachings with Authoring Your Life to determine if doing so will increase positive self-transformation. Identifying with being Navajo will serve as a foundation in helping teens see beyond substance abuse, gangs, violence and suicide and into a world full of possibility and chance. My research will help determine if Authoring Your Life and a vanishing culture are enough to aid in the fight against teenage identity loss and delinquency that have long since plagued the Navajo Nation.

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