Participation is a must

Everyone will write on he board

Make knowledge together

Hopitality is a must if you are a scholar so we will put the chairs back everyday the way we left them.

To be a Scholar is to have kindness towards others

How to learn is a important body of knowledge

how often do you actually act on what you know, not cut corners, and do what you’re supposed to do

When we Advance as humans

This is a act of writing – note taking

If you hear write and think essay you are cutting 90% of writing out

Take very seriously the varies of genre

Why does bill like that response?      He was challenged and had evidence – Jon made a claim that I told him he could be a day late and Bill challenged him and he challenged back

Papers fail because they make claims without evidence

In text sitations in your work cited page

10 pages of notes are equevilent as a work cited page

Bill wants you to think of a work cited page like that

We are comfortable to have a world have a work cited page on your call logs and thats how he wants your work cited page to be

Someone said she regrets this thing we want to know what the ending is – HOOK

Most papers lose their professors half was through the first paragraph because you are saying stuff they already heard and know

Use paragraph breaks – think about your reader

Right now at this age you want to distinguish self as someone who is a hungry person and wants to be a scholar

Children don’t yet know how to hide inside there boy and old people (professors) are  practiced and good at hiding.


Higher education is a big business

Money goes into research

Higher Education equals money which equals billions which equals one place where all money is going: TRANSFOR – how do we get students to take knowledge from their first class to the second and third.

that was a research question.  Am I ever going to use this knowledge, ever?

It all depends on you!

4 thoughts on “NOTES 3 SEPTEMBER 2014

  1. Sammy,
    Your notes are fabulous. You really captured the moments in class. For example, you included the whole transfer subject. If I was not in class, I would be able to understand what happened in Comp 150 by reading your notes. I would only recommend to add more transitions between subjects. Even though they are notes, they will help the reader to understand when a new topic is introduced. You are doing a great job as a novice scholar. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you Elgin, you must of have really liked my notes and I really appreciate that. I will listen for your concern in the future.


  2. Hey Sammy, looking over these notes were almost like deja vu. I had a flashback of that class as I read it. I consider this a good thing, because you controlled my brain (just like bill wants) even though it was notes! Nice full sentences, make for a easily understandable text, good work man! see ya tomorrow.

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