Bill opened class with a repeat of his cell number, his office number, its not in the english department and that texting is most important to him. ¬†On all papers “COMP 150 SECTION 11

If phone goes of in class you must bring everyone candy the next day

Use fortlewis email if you write him for authenticity. Check your email everyday. Print off the welcome letter a week before class. Text is okay to be improper but email is different – grammer, word choice, sentence lengths, breaks.

Every time you write its an opportunity to prefect your writing.

You are in a business and being shaped to be in that business world.

Extend hand as a welcome jester

Your writing has a way of putting yourself out just like the way you say a test

Multimodel – Gestural sign

Gestures communicate and learn to put those in a paper

Every act of writing you are training your brain to do so

Every act of writing – taking sound and putting it on to paper

Composition – just sound – agree that putting those sounds together is that.


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