29 October

*Katelyn makes the claim –  if we dress up  extra credit
* Tyler – effort on our costume
* Jon – asking if our class can dress for Halloween
* Josh has no interest in dressing up for Halloween
* All the while during this discussion from “I want to” , to “I can’t I  have work tomorrow”, to “can we get extra credit” there are different agendas  for everyone during the conversation.  This continues to illustrate that everyone has important information to share when in a group .
* Katelyn – some may feel they are too old to be dressing up for Halloween
* Bill-  Students might be feeling pressure by other classes even penalized for dressing up while  extra credit is available in  Comp 150.
* Claire- it is fun
* Tyler It’s Halloween
* Josh- it is socially acceptable for any age to dress up for Halloween it could be fun or funny
*Ethan – make connections with others in the classroom that you might not have otherwise costumes allow for your to break down the barrier and interact with others in costumes
*Rob- It is a tradition that is every year
* Joe- May have other things to do on that day and  not want to pressure those to dress in costume that are not interested
*Matthew- spend money why not get something out of it
*Drew- we fight all the time to get what we want and wish for  trying something favorable is to me the claim
*Bill- proposal –  costumes are to be within reason  and it is understood that dressing in costumes is the process of participation  and those that dress on Friday Oct. 31 will still be required to attend class, be engaged, take notes and participate in  any and all class discussions and exchanges

To understand argument was important to Bill that day as we spent the entire class analyzing that. How they are worded, how a counter argument is worded. I feel i have a better understanding from that now

20 October

*Bulk of communication comes from reading and expression
* Sister Jean Prejean  will be coming tomorrow to Ft. Lewis Campus to discuss her relationship she  developed with a death row inmate and her feelings of the death penalty in the United States.
* The lecture will be at 7:00 pm. at the Whalen Auditorium.
*She will discuss the different sides of the story concerning a brutal crime committed by 2 brothers, the families of the victims, and the forgiveness that comes from one of the victims family members.
* There are no winners in these situations, but Sister Prejean allowed through her writings to  give us a glimpse into the world of a death row inmate and the  mental anguish of the victims families.
*Further class discussions included an assignment of an 800-1000 word essay
* discussion of our own death   on a hypothetical level

* remember that there will always be multiple times the papers will be written and rewritten
*getting specific with writing is what is important and necessary to create a well written paper.
* Connections that  are developed through writings
*during the writing process it is important to write everything down and realize all things and thoughts are important and  will fit together  through the process of rewrites and editing
*Readings of MalcolmX , Emily Strasser, and Victor Villanueva for comparisons and integration of their writings .
*Read each reading  the first time and then again for more in depth information to create a comparison and  of their works.

That lecture was amazing. I opened up my eyes so much to see how we judge the bad people with no forgiveness. She was fantastic.

3 October

* Repeating the concept  of expressing yourself in your writing
* Giving  and explaining illustrations gives the reader a better picture of what you are writing about
* Talking about exigence  we are talking about things and stuff we know already
* the need for something gives us the exigence to discuss it example :
the need for shoes is not the exigence but if one is barefoot we realize  we must get shoes at all costs that is the exigence
* Exigence can be fixed by seeking solutions in situationss
* Everything you write has   meaning meaning is something that is taken as fact   meaning is communicated and often the facts are taken from what someone  wants to hear or interpret  from writings.
* Experiences create good writings, so why not write  about your experiences using words .
*Some  works will be long while  others will be long
* writing is about grammer
*Writing is also about punctuations
*Writing without spin can convey facts
* If you pay attention to detail it will help with rewrites
*This often makes bold statements
* Paring  concepts creates interesting information
* Creating blogs and other writing information can  be created from writings that are first in notebook form


There is so much going on here. Class was busy that day. So many comments and contributions. Talking about the nuances of writing to get the best out of yourself is so helpful.

6 October

*Bill says to come to class ready to contribute
*have preparations to have completed the readings
* be daring and willing to try
*students are respecting others and their effort
*Cite everything in papers
* Believe in your work and the area you are writing about
* Build a sense of community
*Write to create a space for those reading to care what you have written about.
* Writing is the mental ability to put your thoughts into a written response to share with others creating an interesting place of sharing.
*Practice writing
* Share your true feelings with the reader and they will connect with you and it will be well received and believed and interesting.
* The best way to  write  is to write like you are telling a story and write like you are talking and it will be  best understood.

Bill again with the style he wants his class to be ran. With great effort and passion. He is always telling us good ways to write. Little niches here and there to be an excellent writer.

1 October

Read the book
If not understand look at the annotations in the book and a question mark and ask the word questions to bring up in class
Jessica did first bullet point – 1 set of rules for writing
-it is about the substance
exigence – the need for something in writing that words arise because people have a need for understanding.
Bold words in books are in the glossary and it is there to define  words that they feel the reader should know and understand.
exigence is not just a need – there are all kinds of things that can be filled through communicaiton
If it is raining and say  it is raining that is not exigence but if a friend said are you ready to go outside you get an umbrella that creates exigence in the use of the word rain.
It is not rhetorical  unless you can change or influence the question.
*Let the situation narrow the sources and the situation create the proper sources ** You would not want to pick from 450 sources on rain  to write  a paper.
It is inappropriate if you are trying to fill the pages with fluff
We have come to believe  that there is no benefit from caring about the words if the pages are fluffy and void of interest and meaning.
Andrew– Page 10- leave plenty of time for reading . He  has to describe with words and doesn’t necessarily know the correct words basically it is the use of the word basically as a word.
*trying to describe an Ear without using the word Ear. But by trying to use  smoke and mirrors to fluff the wording it becomes too cumbersome.
If ask to expand a word  Just expand to a longer sentence
* Started to explain – “to read thoroughly”
*to read with understanding
*it means to vision with your mind what the author is trying to say
*it is moving away from the basic
*Jared said swinging around words and making  it more complex
*to write when just to tell the story is simple making it more interesting and complex by getting my thoughts to paper.
Jessica – be able to write for papers but also when we read and create writing – trying to get rid of the fear when writing comes when we become better and do it more.
Katylin– thought about *just writing * then rewrite * writing in class * rules of writing
People  have different styles of writing
*123 Tribes represented here
*22% Native  – very diverse  also seen in diversity of writing
*Invest 2-3 nights to study words, writing, and thoughts about the writings
when writing 1200 word essay on your life  bring in words, language, and books
* expand use more and colorful words to explain what you are trying to say
Know when to say “me and I”
Leave some notes complied on the back of paper for the first  drafts
The first writing is practice always do a second  draft of a paper and if need be do a third.
*when discussing others thoughts think about  where they are in their life stations:  If they are poor is that their fault?
* It matters what  everyone  has to say
* Real is real to all people depending on where they are in their lives
* Discussed the lecture of Sister Prejean she gave a human side to everyone’s story.
*it is important to listen to all individuals story and realize everyone has importance. Prejean listened to all sides of her developing story
*Writing about hard stories forgiveness, showing human side of life, and its pain then  writing and documenting these  difficulties.

You need to truly understand the content you are working on. If you do not then take you books on a date really get to know them. Effort is key to be a really good or great scholar. over a period of time, not just in one day.

29 September

Never be without Pen and Paper
You need to write in your book words you don’t understand circle them/ ask questions.
Simple device to call audience in and to participation if say “Have you” When it asks  you to do small group it’s not the day off.
Ben  from page 2- Two stories about  writing passage you think that this was a set of writing notes but sees  that there isn’t.
Molly  From page 2
Bill is trying to build sentences / push attention to details
People look at pages and don’t comprehend it
Certain study’s  in writing that show 1000’s of papers and analyze them compared the articles and work cited pages found that 90% of the quotes were from the first 2 pages of the text.
read through most are not digging into the text and need to dig deeper.
For this class writing from a number of sources ; have to know the sources
Cut down the number of sources
Choose and go deep and go into detail with those fewer sources.
Setting your self assessment in a  wider area by quotes from others in
class or  reading
Have a work cited.

If you want to quote something put in some time and effort. Dont just use that first one you see and throw it in there. Dont use quotes unless you have to.


“TIME ON TASK!!!!!!”

Research Your Progress in COMP 150

-Classes had 5
-Classes attended 5
-Papers assigned 3
-Turned in 2 (working on 3rd)
-Got books yes
-Been late to class no
-Taking diligent notes Yes!!!! most ever
-Learned names no about 1/4
-Hours on writing  hour plus for first two papers
-Revise work yes
-What other questions are quantifiable?
*Am I paying attention to ever word Bill is saying? – Yes he is very reliant on you hearing and understanding his words and instructions.
*Participation? – Yes, for the most part as much as I feel comfortable on saying comments but some confidence is still not there
*Good Spirits? – Yes, I feel you need good spirits in order to have your mind at best and at ease so you can come up with most productive thought.
*Focus? – Yes, Always trying my best at being my best self.
*Resistance to hearing in class? – No, want to better my writing!
*Past Experience? – None. I am a 3rd year sophomore and never wrote ever in high school. Haven’t taken classes in college that require writing and ones that do I have failed most of them because writing has been so poor
*What in past experience has/is preventing me from engaging/ what I must let go of in orderto learn? – my lack of experience holds me back in confidence and in all writing because I feel I am too dumb to compose something smart.
*Habits I need to change to grow and mature my writing? – Mainly my confidence and paying attention? – Mainly my confidence and paying attention
-Contribute to others in class? – Actually voice my opinion and get my perspective out.
-Help professor to teach? – How, let him know what is working and not working. Too many times in the past I have let my LD get in the way and in to my confidence of thinking I am too dumb to ever ask a proper question that I don’t and just keep going along with out a clue and let my grade suffer. I am making right now to not do that because Bill is great and I can already tell with helping the confused out. Great guy.

From these notes it is reassuring of how lost and lack of confidence I had. I still feel that way but in a much slighter way. I am starting little by little to get more confidence.


– I am tired
– Currently sitting outside on the patio
– It is so sunny and nice out today
– Feeling blessed
– Taking deep breaths and seeing how beautiful how school
– For first time in a while
– Now my thoughts are interrupted by this man preaching the bible and how jesus is our savor
– Asking all of us if we are saved and why not if said no

Today we had class outside to take notes simply what was around us. Just to observe everything that was going on inside our mind and outside around us. And to do it alone. It was not too difficult but it was a different experience to be alone with your own brain and not to have your cellphone, computer, or iPad. it was great, I hadn’t observed the campus in don’t remember how long. I had forgot how beautiful our school was. To take deep breathes and just look around was such a great meditation.

Class Experience ; NOVEMBER 3

Today in class we learned more about how to write in a cool and fun way. Bill tossed us three words at us and gave us some points to hit. Good academics go in close and pull back at the same time, making connections all across the board. Don’t write separate paragraphs, make connections! Don’t see narrowly, good academics can see close to all things. And simply told us to tie all of them together and write on the three words he randomly selected. He made a few students in the class read their stories aloud and to critique them as a group. Say what we liked about them mostly and then went off of those compliments more. Bill was looking for certain points to extend the analysis on. He said after one girl(sorry forgot to write her name down!) that she did great because she got in your head with her writings. You have to get into your professors heads in you want to pass. He then said some more great insight that is simple and helpful. How to write a proper paper – 1) WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN 2) FOCUS ON ARRANGMENT 3) WORD CHOICE. Very simple and put it into my head that writing is not that hard. Rob had a great story with a great phrase “the only problem.” He introduced a problem Bill shouted. What is the problem and how are you going to solve it? That’s great writing. I also learned that quoting the way I used to is not going to cut it. You can not just grab a quote and toss in and hope nobody notices and not back it up or have any development. It is not the case that a quote can not fit you just have to do a lot and prepare your audience for that quote. Writing, it is like basketball, and you are LeBron James. Most teams pass to the guy that is open but for writing you hog the ball then entire time. You own the court (the paper) and never give it up, ever. The only time you quote is to get open – a give-and-go. You quote then get the ball back and describe what you just did. That metaphor that Bill gave was the best I have ever heard someone try to describe writing. He also gave a few more little things to focus on. The human mind wants to know two things. That’s When something happen and Where it happened. Have to give audiences that – have to give professors that.
-Good Descriptions (that get into the readers head)
-When, Where

The thoughts that I take away from Monday’s class is to not hold back on your imagination, don’t strain yourself to write a certain way. Write the whole thing that is in your head and worry about the style after it is done. I mean it is good to have some direction in your head for how you want it to turn out while you are writing but when its over then focus on the arrangement and how you want it to feel/sound. Focus on word choice later as well. Always bring up this problem first and how you want to solve it. What is it and what are you going to do about it. Get into to readers head with great detail and imagination while also telling to story in your own unique ways. Don’t hesitate to be out there on your own. You are the commander on the court and to ball hog, show off everything you know in a boastful way.

About Me, Sammy Smith

ssThis is my third year at The Fort and love where I am at. I am studying Sociology(http://www.fortlewis.edu/sociology/) with a Business Marketing minor. The two fields I am studying fascinate the heck out of me even though they are a bit contradicting of each other. I grew up in the college town of Norman, OK. Home of the sooners, just 10 blocks away from the stadium. I didn’t necessarily want to get out of Norman because I love that place so much but my parents make all of us kids get out of the town we know as home. So then The Fort came into play because they offer a tuition waiver to all native students, which I am Chickasaw. So I decided why not ski everyday and go to school in the mountains and made the trek out here. I think of my self as pretty outgoing and shy at the same time, a bit stubborn, a little self-conscious and self driven. I hope to one day be an entrepreneur working for myself. I love to learn and excited for what is next.