About Me, Sammy Smith

ssThis is my third year at The Fort and love where I am at. I am studying Sociology(http://www.fortlewis.edu/sociology/) with a Business Marketing minor. The two fields I am studying fascinate the heck out of me even though they are a bit contradicting of each other. I grew up in the college town of Norman, OK. Home of the sooners, just 10 blocks away from the stadium. I didn’t necessarily want to get out of Norman because I love that place so much but my parents make all of us kids get out of the town we know as home. So then The Fort came into play because they offer a tuition waiver to all native students, which I am Chickasaw. So I decided why not ski everyday and go to school in the mountains and made the trek out here. I think of my self as pretty outgoing and shy at the same time, a bit stubborn, a little self-conscious and self driven. I hope to one day be an entrepreneur working for myself. I love to learn and excited for what is next.

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