Class Experience ; NOVEMBER 3

Today in class we learned more about how to write in a cool and fun way. Bill tossed us three words at us and gave us some points to hit. Good academics go in close and pull back at the same time, making connections all across the board. Don’t write separate paragraphs, make connections! Don’t see narrowly, good academics can see close to all things. And simply told us to tie all of them together and write on the three words he randomly selected. He made a few students in the class read their stories aloud and to critique them as a group. Say what we liked about them mostly and then went off of those compliments more. Bill was looking for certain points to extend the analysis on. He said after one girl(sorry forgot to write her name down!) that she did great because she got in your head with her writings. You have to get into your professors heads in you want to pass. He then said some more great insight that is simple and helpful. How to write a proper paper – 1) WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN 2) FOCUS ON ARRANGMENT 3) WORD CHOICE. Very simple and put it into my head that writing is not that hard. Rob had a great story with a great phrase “the only problem.” He introduced a problem Bill shouted. What is the problem and how are you going to solve it? That’s great writing. I also learned that quoting the way I used to is not going to cut it. You can not just grab a quote and toss in and hope nobody notices and not back it up or have any development. It is not the case that a quote can not fit you just have to do a lot and prepare your audience for that quote. Writing, it is like basketball, and you are LeBron James. Most teams pass to the guy that is open but for writing you hog the ball then entire time. You own the court (the paper) and never give it up, ever. The only time you quote is to get open – a give-and-go. You quote then get the ball back and describe what you just did. That metaphor that Bill gave was the best I have ever heard someone try to describe writing. He also gave a few more little things to focus on. The human mind wants to know two things. That’s When something happen and Where it happened. Have to give audiences that – have to give professors that.
-Good Descriptions (that get into the readers head)
-When, Where

The thoughts that I take away from Monday’s class is to not hold back on your imagination, don’t strain yourself to write a certain way. Write the whole thing that is in your head and worry about the style after it is done. I mean it is good to have some direction in your head for how you want it to turn out while you are writing but when its over then focus on the arrangement and how you want it to feel/sound. Focus on word choice later as well. Always bring up this problem first and how you want to solve it. What is it and what are you going to do about it. Get into to readers head with great detail and imagination while also telling to story in your own unique ways. Don’t hesitate to be out there on your own. You are the commander on the court and to ball hog, show off everything you know in a boastful way.

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