1 October

Read the book
If not understand look at the annotations in the book and a question mark and ask the word questions to bring up in class
Jessica did first bullet point – 1 set of rules for writing
-it is about the substance
exigence – the need for something in writing that words arise because people have a need for understanding.
Bold words in books are in the glossary and it is there to define  words that they feel the reader should know and understand.
exigence is not just a need – there are all kinds of things that can be filled through communicaiton
If it is raining and say  it is raining that is not exigence but if a friend said are you ready to go outside you get an umbrella that creates exigence in the use of the word rain.
It is not rhetorical  unless you can change or influence the question.
*Let the situation narrow the sources and the situation create the proper sources ** You would not want to pick from 450 sources on rain  to write  a paper.
It is inappropriate if you are trying to fill the pages with fluff
We have come to believe  that there is no benefit from caring about the words if the pages are fluffy and void of interest and meaning.
Andrew– Page 10- leave plenty of time for reading . He  has to describe with words and doesn’t necessarily know the correct words basically it is the use of the word basically as a word.
*trying to describe an Ear without using the word Ear. But by trying to use  smoke and mirrors to fluff the wording it becomes too cumbersome.
If ask to expand a word  Just expand to a longer sentence
* Started to explain – “to read thoroughly”
*to read with understanding
*it means to vision with your mind what the author is trying to say
*it is moving away from the basic
*Jared said swinging around words and making  it more complex
*to write when just to tell the story is simple making it more interesting and complex by getting my thoughts to paper.
Jessica – be able to write for papers but also when we read and create writing – trying to get rid of the fear when writing comes when we become better and do it more.
Katylin– thought about *just writing * then rewrite * writing in class * rules of writing
People  have different styles of writing
*123 Tribes represented here
*22% Native  – very diverse  also seen in diversity of writing
*Invest 2-3 nights to study words, writing, and thoughts about the writings
when writing 1200 word essay on your life  bring in words, language, and books
* expand use more and colorful words to explain what you are trying to say
Know when to say “me and I”
Leave some notes complied on the back of paper for the first  drafts
The first writing is practice always do a second  draft of a paper and if need be do a third.
*when discussing others thoughts think about  where they are in their life stations:  If they are poor is that their fault?
* It matters what  everyone  has to say
* Real is real to all people depending on where they are in their lives
* Discussed the lecture of Sister Prejean she gave a human side to everyone’s story.
*it is important to listen to all individuals story and realize everyone has importance. Prejean listened to all sides of her developing story
*Writing about hard stories forgiveness, showing human side of life, and its pain then  writing and documenting these  difficulties.

You need to truly understand the content you are working on. If you do not then take you books on a date really get to know them. Effort is key to be a really good or great scholar. over a period of time, not just in one day.

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