20 October

*Bulk of communication comes from reading and expression
* Sister Jean Prejean  will be coming tomorrow to Ft. Lewis Campus to discuss her relationship she  developed with a death row inmate and her feelings of the death penalty in the United States.
* The lecture will be at 7:00 pm. at the Whalen Auditorium.
*She will discuss the different sides of the story concerning a brutal crime committed by 2 brothers, the families of the victims, and the forgiveness that comes from one of the victims family members.
* There are no winners in these situations, but Sister Prejean allowed through her writings to  give us a glimpse into the world of a death row inmate and the  mental anguish of the victims families.
*Further class discussions included an assignment of an 800-1000 word essay
* discussion of our own death   on a hypothetical level

* remember that there will always be multiple times the papers will be written and rewritten
*getting specific with writing is what is important and necessary to create a well written paper.
* Connections that  are developed through writings
*during the writing process it is important to write everything down and realize all things and thoughts are important and  will fit together  through the process of rewrites and editing
*Readings of MalcolmX , Emily Strasser, and Victor Villanueva for comparisons and integration of their writings .
*Read each reading  the first time and then again for more in depth information to create a comparison and  of their works.

That lecture was amazing. I opened up my eyes so much to see how we judge the bad people with no forgiveness. She was fantastic.

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