29 September

Never be without Pen and Paper
You need to write in your book words you don’t understand circle them/ ask questions.
Simple device to call audience in and to participation if say “Have you” When it asks  you to do small group it’s not the day off.
Ben  from page 2- Two stories about  writing passage you think that this was a set of writing notes but sees  that there isn’t.
Molly  From page 2
Bill is trying to build sentences / push attention to details
People look at pages and don’t comprehend it
Certain study’s  in writing that show 1000’s of papers and analyze them compared the articles and work cited pages found that 90% of the quotes were from the first 2 pages of the text.
read through most are not digging into the text and need to dig deeper.
For this class writing from a number of sources ; have to know the sources
Cut down the number of sources
Choose and go deep and go into detail with those fewer sources.
Setting your self assessment in a  wider area by quotes from others in
class or  reading
Have a work cited.

If you want to quote something put in some time and effort. Dont just use that first one you see and throw it in there. Dont use quotes unless you have to.

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