3 October

* Repeating the concept  of expressing yourself in your writing
* Giving  and explaining illustrations gives the reader a better picture of what you are writing about
* Talking about exigence  we are talking about things and stuff we know already
* the need for something gives us the exigence to discuss it example :
the need for shoes is not the exigence but if one is barefoot we realize  we must get shoes at all costs that is the exigence
* Exigence can be fixed by seeking solutions in situationss
* Everything you write has   meaning meaning is something that is taken as fact   meaning is communicated and often the facts are taken from what someone  wants to hear or interpret  from writings.
* Experiences create good writings, so why not write  about your experiences using words .
*Some  works will be long while  others will be long
* writing is about grammer
*Writing is also about punctuations
*Writing without spin can convey facts
* If you pay attention to detail it will help with rewrites
*This often makes bold statements
* Paring  concepts creates interesting information
* Creating blogs and other writing information can  be created from writings that are first in notebook form


There is so much going on here. Class was busy that day. So many comments and contributions. Talking about the nuances of writing to get the best out of yourself is so helpful.

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