6 October

*Bill says to come to class ready to contribute
*have preparations to have completed the readings
* be daring and willing to try
*students are respecting others and their effort
*Cite everything in papers
* Believe in your work and the area you are writing about
* Build a sense of community
*Write to create a space for those reading to care what you have written about.
* Writing is the mental ability to put your thoughts into a written response to share with others creating an interesting place of sharing.
*Practice writing
* Share your true feelings with the reader and they will connect with you and it will be well received and believed and interesting.
* The best way to  write  is to write like you are telling a story and write like you are talking and it will be  best understood.

Bill again with the style he wants his class to be ran. With great effort and passion. He is always telling us good ways to write. Little niches here and there to be an excellent writer.

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