“TIME ON TASK!!!!!!”

Research Your Progress in COMP 150

-Classes had 5
-Classes attended 5
-Papers assigned 3
-Turned in 2 (working on 3rd)
-Got books yes
-Been late to class no
-Taking diligent notes Yes!!!! most ever
-Learned names no about 1/4
-Hours on writing  hour plus for first two papers
-Revise work yes
-What other questions are quantifiable?
*Am I paying attention to ever word Bill is saying? – Yes he is very reliant on you hearing and understanding his words and instructions.
*Participation? – Yes, for the most part as much as I feel comfortable on saying comments but some confidence is still not there
*Good Spirits? – Yes, I feel you need good spirits in order to have your mind at best and at ease so you can come up with most productive thought.
*Focus? – Yes, Always trying my best at being my best self.
*Resistance to hearing in class? – No, want to better my writing!
*Past Experience? – None. I am a 3rd year sophomore and never wrote ever in high school. Haven’t taken classes in college that require writing and ones that do I have failed most of them because writing has been so poor
*What in past experience has/is preventing me from engaging/ what I must let go of in orderto learn? – my lack of experience holds me back in confidence and in all writing because I feel I am too dumb to compose something smart.
*Habits I need to change to grow and mature my writing? – Mainly my confidence and paying attention? – Mainly my confidence and paying attention
-Contribute to others in class? – Actually voice my opinion and get my perspective out.
-Help professor to teach? – How, let him know what is working and not working. Too many times in the past I have let my LD get in the way and in to my confidence of thinking I am too dumb to ever ask a proper question that I don’t and just keep going along with out a clue and let my grade suffer. I am making right now to not do that because Bill is great and I can already tell with helping the confused out. Great guy.

From these notes it is reassuring of how lost and lack of confidence I had. I still feel that way but in a much slighter way. I am starting little by little to get more confidence.

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